hp 2575 printing problem

Asked by Lawrence on 2011-02-01

Every time I try to print a document consisting of multiple pages, printing stops while printing the second page and an error message appears on the screen saying: 'Printerror. A problem occurred while sending the document [docname] (task no. xx) to the printer. Then the document gets status 'WAITING' in the printqueue.
The only way to get the document printed is by printing it page by page.
Any solutions? Thanks for helping.

Answers welcome in English, Dutch, Frysk and German

After searching for a couple of hours I found the solution myself.
Under SYSTEM => CONTROL => PRINTING : a window opens, showing my printer; when I right-click on my printer and click Properties, the settings for my printer are shown.
The third field, called Device URI showed the value: HPLIP software etc.
I changed this to: USB (as the printer is connected with USB.
Then, to my surprise, printing docements went normal, without stopping or pausing!
It looks like the default-value (which was made when installing the printer) was causing the problem. The printer was detected by Ububtu and the driver was installed automatically. So there it went wrong!
I hope this information can be of helpi to the developmentteam.
Thanks to all those who reacted so swiftly to my question. Prooves I made the right choise when I switched from XP to Ubuntu!
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Have you installed the latest HPLIP from the HPLIP site?

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I guess I got this email by mistake, I am not the right person to take for these issues.

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Thanks VINODREDDY, that solved my question.

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I just edited my question, as I found a (the?) solution myself.
Thanks for your help.


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