Missing operand for:/home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin

Asked by Lev E. Levenson on 2012-08-21

I am trying to open this .bin program in terminal: /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin When I use the directions in this site everything is OK until I get message that I do not have an operand.

The steps are these: Open terminal. Go to Downloads by typing cd Downloads. Type sudo chmod /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin Then I get this message:
chmod: missing operand after `LinuxCmapTools_v.5.04._05_13-11.bin'
Try `chmod --help' for more information.

What operand should I use? where can I get it? How do I access chmod--help?

Thanks much, Lev

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sudo chown lev:lev /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin
chown +x /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin
sudo /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin

Hope it helps

Lev Levenson (levlevenson) said : #2

Andrew: Thanks, but no help. This is a way to download the file, but not to
open it. Please see this question, which is the latest version of my
question: New question #206653 on gnome-terminal in Ubuntu:

I have tried many responses to opening .bin files in this forum. I cannot
get this file into my Terminal to try to chmod it. It keeps getting listed
as not finding the file. I have spent many, many hours on this with no
success, just further frustration. I realy want to use this program for my
research, but ..... If someone can walk me through this process
step-by-step I think I can follow it. I am a new Ubuntu user -- transferred
from Window$ and still trying to find my way. I am using 12.04, with a
Gnome desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much,

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 4:26 PM, actionparsnip <
<email address hidden>> wrote:

> Your question #206447 on gnome-terminal in Ubuntu changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+question/206447

I hope that this may clarify the problem I am having. This has been a very
frustrating and time wasting attempt to open this [expletive deleted] file.
As this latest question states, I can use this program for my research, but
any attempt -- of many attempts -- to open it has resulted in failure.

Perhaps you could download LinuxCMapTools and see if you can get it to
open. If you can, this would be a real charitable contribution. You could
then delete the program after recording the steps and sending them on to
me. I am aware that this imposes a burden on your time and effort, but as I
say, any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks for the help you have provided so far, Lev

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> actionparsnip proposed the following answer:
> sudo chown lev:lev /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin
> chown +x /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin
> sudo /home/lev/Downloads/LinuxCmapTools_v5.04.02_05-13-11.bin
> Hope it helps
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