gnome-keyring-manager vanished, how do I edit keyrings!?

Asked by Fionn on 2009-01-06

As written in I found gnome-keyring-manager MIA.

How am I supposed to manage keys now?

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tmc1961 (tmc1961) said : #1

Hey, go to Add/Remove and reinstall the manager.
You will also be able to use Synaptic package Manager

If the keyring manager truly disappeared, you should look for the cause

Fionn (fbe) said : #2

Maybe I was not specific enough but the root cause of my question was the fact that "gnome-keyring-manager" is no longer an installable package (no installation candidate) in ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid.

Any other hints available?

Andy Ruddock (andy-ruddock) said : #3

See answer to 56533.

Fionn (fbe) said : #4

Unfortunately your proposal in #56533 is not entirely hitting the point.

The Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys Tool allows you to create and remove entire keyrings. You can NOT, however, manage keyrings in the same sense as in gnome-keyring-manager which means you can not use this tool to view, add or remove keys in a keyring. All you can do is delete a keyring completely with all its keys or add a new keyring.

-> Your proposed answer is no solution to the problem. Sorry.

Fionn (fbe) said : #5

The clue is seahorse.

Starting "seahorse" manually reveals a GUI with a passwords tab where I can manage keys like in gnome-keyring-manager.

ChrisCar23 (chriscar23) said : #6

I need to unlock the default keyring in order to set my wifi network encryption to WPA, but have no clue what the password is (I don't think I ever set one). I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and using Seahorse to try to unlock it. Can't seem to get anywhere without knowing what the password is.

I tried: Open Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys
Then going to Edit -> Preferences -> Password Keyrings tab. Click "login" in the list, and then click the "Change Unlock Password" button.

Can't do that without knowing the old/original password. I also went to /.gnome2/keyrings to delete the file, but there's isn't one for the default keyring (there is one called "login.keyring").

Suggestions? The only way I can get online now is to leave my network unsecured and I'm not too happy with that.

The system keeps requesting keyring login every few minutes and I want it gone. I extremely like Ubuntu 16.04 linux but
 I find the "Keyring password " a major problem , possible the very worst piece of software I have ever encountered and
 I am a retired Electronic Engineer and a life member of IEEE. I want the KEYRING password request GONE !!! It is a daily
 nightmare that no one seems to know how to stop it.