Ubuntu Server Installer does not allow timezone selection

Asked by Alan Pound on 2016-01-27

I logged a bug with the description above (#1536672) almost a week ago.

The debian-installer for 15.10 amd64 server (and the current 16.04 candidate too, as it happens - but I haven't back-tracked to earlier releases to see when it was introduced - apart from to say that it certainly wasn't in 14.04) doesn't allow you to explicitly set the TZ.

It (the installer) guesses your TZ based (I suppose) on your IP address, asks you if you want to accept that or whether you want to set something else, and regardless of your answer carries on as if you had selected 'Yes' to accept it.

It seems pretty fundamental to me, and I'm surprise no-one has seen it and sorted it out previously...

All the same, my question is: how long is it typically likely to be before someone even acknowledges the bug report in some manner?


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If you have a bug, why create a question as well?

All posts on one topic should be kept in one place, on the bug report.

Alan Pound (alan-pound) said : #2

The question was - "how long is it typically likely to be before someone even acknowledges the bug report in some manner?"

... which I note that you haven't answered....


Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #3

It is hard to predict how long it will take for a bug report to be dealt with.
This is very much depending on workload and availability of the maintainers of the package.

It might be helpful to bring the bug into status "Confirmed", e.g. by someone else pressing the "Does this bug affect you" button.
To support this it would be good to have a complete description to duplicate the problem
1. A minimal series of steps necessary to make it happen, where step 1 is "start the program" (or in your case probably "boot the installer DVD" - which one?)
2. What you expected to happen
3. What actually happened

Alan Pound (alan-pound) said : #4

Maybe someone will think to follow it up now ;^)
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"Ubuntu Server Installer does not allow timezone selection "

This bug is linked to #283755.
 Ubuntu Server Installer does not allow timezone selection

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