akonadiserver and fcitx doesn't work after starting computer, both processes needs to get killed and restarted then they work fine

Asked by webmarwell on 2013-12-06

Since updating to Kubuntu 13.10 I have two problems with these programmes:

akonadiserver starts but doesn't work
A workaround is:
pkill akonadiserver
pkill akonadi-control
aconadictl start

fcitx (an input method for languages, here chinese) starts but doesn't work
A workaround is:
killall fcitx

Both programs use dbus. Both problems started after upgrading to 13.10.
Might there be any connection to dBus? It seems, that they start too early, but without any message, that something is missing. at least, I dont see it.
If you think it could be related, please let me know. I am not able to test, if there is any connection without help.

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webmarwell (webmarwell) said : #1

There is a bug filed at kde.org describing the akonadi problem:

I suggest you report a bug. Post the link you gave in the bug report.

webmarwell (webmarwell) said : #3

Thats a good suggestion, but where? For me its not clear, if that is an akonadi bug, an fcitx one, or dbus. If its dbus there should be more programs with problems of the same kind. So I would be happy to get an answer here, like 'that can never be a dbus problem','its related to dbus but the programs have to follow the api' or 'please, post it as dbus bug'. If anybody here has an answer for that, I would be happy.

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