Just downloaded turnkey linux- how do I open it?

Asked by jenniferlb on 2009-06-04

I was trying to download Wordpress 2.7. They suggested I download your software. Then realised I could not open ISO extension. So I downloaded new Winzip. Whenever I look at the files and folders in Winzip or on my C drive they just appear as files and folders. I don't see any prompt screens or any directions on how to open these.
What is linux, why do I need it to help with Wordpress? I do see a config folder but windows tells me I cant open it as it is a program folder.
 Sorry to be so basic- but any help in opening the Linux files is appreciated.

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Alon Swartz (alonswartz) said : #1

Hi Jennifer,

TurnKey Linux creates software appliances, which are pre-integrated, self contained systems, made by combining a software application (e.g., wordpress) with just enough operating system for it to run optimally on industry standard hardware or a virtual machine.


I would recommend you take a look at the recently released screencast which demo's how to install and configure an appliance in about 5 minutes:


This should hopefully shed some light on the issue, and assist you in getting started.
Good luck!

Liraz (liraz-siri) said : #2

See the tutorial. Hopefully that will answer your question:


jenniferlb (jbis0191) said : #3

Hi, I am now trying to download your recommended virtual box installation. I
am here three hours later.. can you give me any help?

Warm Regards,
Jennifer Bishop,
Content&Copy Australia
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See the tutorial. Hopefully that will answer your question:


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jenniferlb (jbis0191) said : #4

Thanks guys, I have already tried most of these. Would be helpful from a user perspective to say you cannot have this... until you have this.. otherwise you get into a world of links that non tech people do not understand.For example I saw that I needed virtualbox.. but you did not tell me which version I would need for linux wordpress.. there are 15 different options.. sorry dont mean to be critical, but if you want to embrace non developers like me you need to point to the correct option for Linux wordpress.. as marketers will not know whats compatable
Am still wiating for virtual box to download 4 hours later..any hints?

jenniferlb (jbis0191) said : #5

Just closed virtual box it was downloading so slowly it would have taken 48 hours.. maybe a prob with virtual box? however cannot contact them.. maybe you can help?

jenniferlb (jbis0191) said : #6

Any ideas?

Liraz (liraz-siri) said : #7

You need VirtualBox for your operating system. The latest version will do fine.

Unfortunately, helping you diagnose the problems you are having downloading VirtualBox is a bit beyond our reach. It's probably a network connectivity problem of some kind, but who knows, it could be a million things. What we provide is a Linux based software product not a managed service so some (hopefully minimal) technical skill is still probably required to use it.

I hope you don't give up and continue trying (maybe from a different computer) until you manage to get it to work.

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