What changes does the Therp branch of the OpenERP addons for version 6.0 include?

Created by Stefan Rijnhart (Opener) on on 2011-03-23
Last updated by:
Stefan Rijnhart (Opener) on on 2011-08-23

The Therp branch of the OpenERP addons for version 6.0 includes the following bug fixes and improvements. Note that these are not necessarily the original bug fixes from the trunk of the addons repository.

r4488: users_ldap: allow anonymous bind for LDAP authentication (lp:794450)
             users_ldap: add populate function to LDAP authentication (lp:794584)
r4483: TypeError: node contents must be a string when using base_module_record to export Account Types (lp:696176)
r4482: When a payment order is created, the button "Select Invoices" does not allow the user to select any invoices. (lp:707398)
r4481: account/Balance Sheet Report: accounts to show negative balances in case of credit asset or debit liability (lp:740132)
r4480: account/Balance Sheet Report: appends Net Profit to credit side and Net Loss to debit side (lp:740141)
r4478: l10n_nl/Tax report: tax account order sometimes appears in reverse (lp:731430)

The following fixes have been superseded by way of merges in the main branch:
r4484: Cash and Bank journals are unintendedly created as refund journals (lp:741863)
r4479: account/Balance Sheet Report: "Display accounts" setting is not honoured (lp:706287)