Hello, is there any living body ???

Asked by Pierre Pietri on 2011-03-23

A simple constatation : since nearly one year, nothing or almost nothing happens here.
High importance bugs are pending since many month, new bugs are not assigned any importance, questions are not answered.

I deplore that, the more so as I discovered Simple-scan as a very nice product in 10.04, but I encounter many regression bugs (notably 732517) in the Maverick release.

I'm turning to the concurrence, but it's too bad.

Pierre Pietri

Hirokyto Dupont (hd58061) said : #1

Yes, i am

Pierre Pietri (pf-pietri) said : #2

That makes me happy.
To complete my happiness, could you please answer the following
subsidiary question :

 - how can I, with Maverick (Ubuntu 10.10), go back to the Simple Scan
release that went with Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) ????

This former release worked very fine, though with some minor
Since I upgraded, I suffer from a number of bugs and functional
regressions that now make Simple Scan a true bore and, looking at the
lists of bugs and questions and the swiftness they seem to be treated
with, I consider hopeless to wait for a new "miracle" release within a
reasonable delay.

So, going back to the former release seems a good solution, and you
should make it easily available for the actual Linux releases.



Le samedi 02 avril 2011 à 15:16 +0000, Hirokyto Dupont a écrit :
> Your question #150148 on Simple Scan changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/simple-scan/+question/150148
> Status: Open => Answered
> Hirokyto Dupont proposed the following answer:
> Yes, i am

Prada (pradacr) said : #3

I am very happy with Simple Scan, using Ubuntu 10.10 with an Epson cx3900. Pierre: could it be any hardware incompatibility? Im just an user but if I can help you in something Ill be glad, otherwise just share your frustration as I also have a problem with my Intel graphics and know how it feels.

Can you help with this problem?

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