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Asked by Hari V S on 2014-07-03


We are using schooltool(latest version) in an Engineering college in India with less than 1000 students.Everything works except customization of journal. I do not see the tab customize->scoresystem-> journal. How do I customize the journal? Please help me to consolidate the attendance of all sections by some journal rule.

Is it because I have not created the gradebook?

Dr. Hari V S

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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

Maybe you need to upgrade to a later version?

This was added in version 2.6 of SchoolTool:

Hari V S (princharicek) said : #2

I followed your advice, I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04. Now evrything works fine on a PC. But when I migrated the data and schooltool to a new Dell server, the user acoounts are not working. The users and passwords I assigned earlier are no longer identified. What can be the problem? Can it be due to file permissions?

Dr. Hari V S

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

Is there any data? Did you move the Data.fs file as described in ?

Hari V S (princharicek) said : #4

Thanks for the speedy reply. I used the repozo utility in the site mentioned. I followed the instructions. Then I started schooltool in the second machine and I did not find all the data. So I went back to the first machine and used the export utilty to export the data into an Xl file. I imported this file to the second machine. When I logged into the second machine as manager, everything is fine. But other users cannot log in. Hope you can help me.

Dr. Hari V S

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #5

Yes, but is there any of your old data in the new instance? Is everything there but people can't log in?

Hari V S (princharicek) said : #6

Everything is fine except that the other users I created can't log in

Dr. Hari V S

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #7

Can they log in if you change the password?

Hari V S (princharicek) said : #8

yes, If manager changes the user's password the user can log in with the new password. But there are some 1000 users.

Dr. Hari V S

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #9

You imported them from a spreadsheet? I assume they were able to log in before the move?

Hari V S (princharicek) said : #10

Yes I imported them from a spredsheet. They could log on to the old machine. They can log on to the second server if the password is changed. So what is amiss?

Dr. Hari V S

Ignas Mikalaj┼źnas (ignas) said : #11

My guess is - passwords do not get exported, as they are not stored in
plain text.
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> Yes I imported them from a spredsheet. They could log on to the old
> machine. They can log on to the second server if the password is
> changed. So what is amiss?
> Dr. Hari V S
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Hari V S (princharicek) said : #12

So, what can we do? Are we to change the password for every user or can we get the plain text corresponding to passwords exported to the second machine by some method?

Dr. Hari V S

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #13

I probably should clarify in the documentation that you don't need to use repozo to just move to a new server. You can just copy the Data.fs file and blobs directory to the same place on the new server. You can't use the export/import to move the passwords, but there is no reason that moving the database shouldn't work.

Hari V S (princharicek) said : #14

is it posiible to add serial numbers or user ID along side names in schooltool journal. By default it shows the names of students only.
Dr. Hari V C

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #15

There's no option for that in the application currently. It wouldn't be hard to add it as an option but there are no plans currently.

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