How can I schedule backups? The "schedule" tab is greyed out.

Created by Jean-Peer Lorenz on on 2011-01-25
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Jean-Peer Lorenz on on 2014-05-20

How can I schedule backups? The "schedule" tab is greyed out.

SBackup installs menu entries under:
* Applications -> Accessories (start it from here a normal user without root privileges, does not support scheduled backups)
* Applications -> System tools (start it from here a root user, enables scheduled backups).
Please, also see FAQ #1322 (

Scheduled backups are only enabled when running sbackup (and sbackup-config-gtk) with root privileges. This is caused by technical limitations: sbackup uses cron/anacron for scheduling; cron runs sbackup and sbackup itself runs all found profiles subsequently.

Therefore, you can only specify automated backups for root's default profile, i.e. in current versions (0.11.6) it is not possible to set different schedules for custom profiles.

Auto-backups for regular users:
You can, however, set it up manually for example using Gnome Schedule (but you could also use plain crontab if you are comfortable with that). Just set the command to /usr/bin/sbackup, and the schedule to whatever you prefer (hourly, daily, weekly, or whatever). Same limitation as above holds, i.e. all found profiles of current user are run subsequently.