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Asked by Sladja on 2018-04-25


We are testing queXS and have some difficulties in setting up pre fill questions, would appreciate if you could provide some assistance and explanations.

1. Are there any conditions which type of questions can be pre-filled – we would like to use two sample variables for pre fill (Region and Area). They are List (radio) type in Lime Survey, and are also used as part of quotas for the survey.
They are set to Mandatory and Hidden, I am not sure if that makes a difference? These are assigned answer options:
S1 - 1 Beograd, 2 Istočna Srbija, 3 Zapadna Srbija, 4 Vojvodina
S2 - 1 Urban, 2 Rural

2. Which values are we actually pre-filling in queXS in this case – Area example: codes (1,2) or values (“Urban”, “Rural”)?
No matter which one we try, they are not passed through to the results.

3. How should we label/prepare the pre-filled question in the sample .csv file?
I prepared a test case for Region with text values, and Area with numerical codes to cover both options, then matched the sample variables for pre-fills, using tags {Sample:Area), {Sample:Region}

4. I have checked the link (as you suggested in one of other topics), here is how it looks:
 From what I understand, values are passed correctly (value 1 for S2, and ‘Beograd’ for S1), or not?

However, when we finish questionnaire, those values are not recorded. I also tried to pre-fill with fixed values or codes, they were also not saved.

Please not that questionnaire is not in English language – can that cause this issue, maybe it is encoding related?

Both Region and Area are Var type=String in sample management.
I also noticed that on Operator screen String sample variables are not shown (only First/Last name and number are visible), although all variables are set to be Visible by operators.

Could you please help me understand if I am setting Region/Area variables correctly so they can be passed to the operator screen and the questionnaire?

Thanks a lot!

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Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #1


the link should look like this:

notice there is no "?" in the URL as then all values will be passed to the "lang" parameter.

What version of queXS are you using? If 2.x, please confirm what setting you have under "System Settings" -> "Questionnaire Service (RPC)" under "Questionnaire entry URL".

It should read something like:


Sladja (sladja) said : #2

Thanks Adam,

I made the RPC correction and this solved the issue with pre-filling region/area values, but I am still not seeing those information on operator screen - is this related or should be moved to separate thread?

By the way, we are using queXS Alternate interface for operator screen, the last one on this page:
Contact details tab is missing on the screen

Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #3

You're welcome.

Can you please clarify where on the operator screen you expect to see that information? If possible, please include a screenshot.

If the contact details tab is missing , please set:

define('TAB_CONTACTDETAILS', true);



Sladja (sladja) said : #4

I expect all columns from the sample file which are set to 'Visible' to appear on the screen - I assume region/area should appear in Contact details tab which is currently missing, so your answer solves this.