How to contribute to Help / User Manual

Asked by Geoffrey Wheeler on 2020-08-18

I would like Help to be updated:

The View section does not correspond with the current menu layout. The nomenclature has changed; auxiliary views are now docks.

Page sizes are available but not yet documented:
"the paper size is inferred via the thumbnail views tool tips. (Paper size is handled that way as it might not be uniform and generally is not really a meta-datum but is rather inferred from the page sizes.)"

If there is a straight forward way to do this, perhaps I can help. I don't know what channel to use to even make suggestions.

It is nice that there is a Help and that [F1] brings it up.

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said : #1

Hello Geoffrey,

the online help is just another file in the source called help/help.html (with the various automatically generated translations next to it). The most straight forward way would be to edit that file as any source file and open a merge request here on Launchpad. If you not comfortable with that approach, downloading the source code and editing that file to generate a diff that you send my via mail would also be possible, but it will require more manual effort by all involved.

Best regards,

Geoffrey Wheeler (holy-harp) said : #2

Thanks Adam Reichold, that solved my question.

Geoffrey Wheeler (holy-harp) said : #3

Adam, I am a mechanical engineer and not a full-time programmer. I am familiar with html and capable of editing an html file in notepadqq. I can upload and download to SFTP sites with Filezilla. I can look at a page source in Firefox. I do not understand the difference between a merge request and a diff. I'd like to do it in a way that is least burdensome to you. If you have a tutorial I could access so as to "edit that file as any source file and open a merge request," I would be willing to do that. I need to understand that process a bit more first. I can view the file and code at I understand that Launchpad is an environment that allows many people to work on a software project in an organized manner and preventing conflicting changes to code. I do not know if Launchpad has an on-line code editing facility from which, when finished editing, a merge request can be issued. I would not be offended if you did the editing yourself. I'm afraid that my desire to help might not actually translate into helpfulness.

Best Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said : #4

Hello again,

I think [1] is the official documentation on Launchpad's code review features, but there is AFAIK no online editing functionality and usage of Bazaar via the command line is assumed. However, I think there be the least road blocks to contribution possible and hence just sending me the updates help.html via electronic mail (the address can be found via the code or its readme) is sufficient.

Best regards,


Geoffrey Wheeler (holy-harp) said : #5

Thanks Adam Reichold, that solved my question.