ArchLinux - no sound after the installation of Pipelight

Created by Sebastian Lackner

Most of the plugins which are available via Pipelight are 32-bit-only, and thus require the 32-bit sound libraries to work properly. If they are missing it has the effect, that everything works - just except audio playback.

Depending on if you use ALSA or PulseAudio for sound output, you have to select the appropriate packages from the list below:

* lib32-alsa-lib
* lib32-alsa-plugin
* lib32-libpulse

These packages are also listed as optdepends, so you should also have seen this list after the pipelight/wine-compholio package installation.

[ Tip: Please note that there are also some other packages listed as optdepends - depending on which features you want to use you'll probably have to install them, too. See this PKGBUILD file for a full list: ]

If you're sure that the audio libraries are installed properly, but you still experience audio issues, you should check out this related FAQ: