Videos playing very fast and no sound / bad sound quality

Created by Sebastian Lackner
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Sebastian Lackner

This problem is in most cases related to the audio drivers: Silverlight synchronizes the video to the audio speed. If Pulseaudio doesn't work properly (or the Sound is configured completely wrong) its very likely that you'll see the video playing in high-speed, and hear no sound at all.

In case you're using Pulseaudio in most cases it helps to run:

pulseaudio -k

which will restart Pulseaudio. Unfortunately you'll have to run this again whenever you experience the problem, but it shouldn't happen too often.

The following steps are for a bit more experienced users. Better ask us when unsure how this works. The instructions have been reported to work in two cases (see: ), but it will probably not work in each case.

* Step1: Change wine audio settings (Tab audio):

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-pipelight WINEARCH=win32 /opt/wine-compholio/bin/winecfg

* Step2: If this doesn't help, set the sound to alsa:

wget -O ~/.wine-pipelight/winetricks
chmod +x ~/.wine-pipelight/winetricks
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-pipelight WINE=/opt/wine-compholio/bin/wine WINEARCH=win32 ~/.wine-pipelight/winetricks

Choose: "Select the default wineprefix" -> "Change Wine settings" -> "sound=alsa"

* Repeat Step1