Build issue on Debian 8 Jessie

Asked by Boris Burkov on 2016-02-01

Hey, guys, I'm your loyal Debian user. Used to run Onboard on Debian 7, migrated to Debian 8 a while ago and now I'm trying to build Onboard on Debian 8 amd64 Jessie manually.

As you instructed here:, I said:

bzr branch lp:onboard
cd onboard
sudo apt-get build-dep onboard
debuild binary

and will say `sudo dpkg -i ../onboard*.deb` as soon as debuild runs, but the problem is that it dies. After I successfully installed all the build-dependencies, it seems to be compiling happily, but then curses about:

failed to exec stat for «debian/tmp/usr/share/onboard/settings.ui»: No such file or directory.

Indeed, there's no such file in that folder, just various settings_auto_show_dialog.ui, settings_docking_dialog.ui etc.

The problem seems to be an easy one, but I can't figure out, what to do. Any suggestions?

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Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #1

You might try to simply download and install the debs from here:

marmuta (marmuta) said : #2

Apologies, I forgot to remove the comment in settings.ui again. DistUtilsExtra doesn't like that.
Try again, please. Update the source with bzr pull and then build packages.

Boris Burkov (vasjaforutube) said : #3

marmuta: before seeing your post I reverted bzr to the latest stable tag (1.1.0) and voila - it built successfully! I probably should have started with this. Thank you guys!

Francesco, Onboard is not yet available in Jessie-backports, so I didn't take the risk of downloading it from sid as it might be (dunno?) built against wrong dependencies.

Besides, now that I'm running Gnome Shell the onboard logo sign is shown on desktop, not in Gnome panel tray icons, as it used to be in Gnome-classic on Debian 7 and Onboard 0.9-1. Is there any way to move the sign to gnome-panel?

Going to play with configurations a bit later. Good luck, marmuta and Francesco!

marmuta (marmuta) said : #4

> Is there any way to move the sign to gnome-panel?
We'll need a shell extension for this. There might be one that moves indicator icons to the panel, I haven't checked, but I'm working on this one since last weekend:
The icon part was trivial, but activities and passwords are way harder to address. If I can cobble something useful together, we'll ship it with Onboard.

Boris Burkov (vasjaforutube) said : #5

Ok, many thanks!

undermaster (undermaster) said : #6

Hello there,

I have a problem with the " sudo apt-get build-dep onboard " part. It says:

"E: Quellpaket für onboard kann nicht gefunden werden."
(E: Source package cannot be found.)

I struggled a lot with installing onboard on my Debian 8 Jessie, which at one point ended up in removing the onboard-packages that apparently were already installed (though I couldn't launch it; it said "No such file or directory"). This might be the problem causing the error message above?
I tried to compile it with some .tar.gz -file, but when running ./configure, it says "No such file or directory" again.

Any idea? Help would really be appreciated!

Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #7


There is no Onboard package in debian jessie; afaik, this is the reason, why you cannot install its build dependencies with your apt command above.

Here are the dependencies used by Onboard in debian stretch (debian testing). They might help you figure out, what dependencies you need for debian jessie.

Finally, there is no configure command for Onboard, as Onboard is a python package that uses dist-utils-extra. After installing the dependencies, you might try to call "debuild -tc" (assuming that you have a debianised Onboard source package) to check whether a debian package of Onboard gets created. (You might perhaps start with the debianisation of the Onboard package available in debian testing.)

Have a nice day.