error with compile Exrootanalysis

Asked by Charlie on 2018-03-19

Dear Expert,

I am using MG5_aMC_v2_6_1, when I try to install in madgraph Exrootanalysis, it give me this error:

2018-03-20 02:56:03 (60.5 KB/s) - ‘ExRootAnalysis.tgz’ saved [49519/49519]

compile ExRootAnalysis. This might take a while.
>> Generating tmp/src/
>> Compiling tmp/src/
In file included from tmp/src/
./ExRootAnalysis/ExRootResult.h:70:10: error: ‘struct ExRootResult::PlotSettings’ is private
   struct PlotSettings
tmp/src/ error: within this context
          map< ::TObject*, ::ExRootResult::PlotSettings > fSettings; //!
Makefile:245: recipe for target 'tmp/src/ExRootAnalysisDict.o' failed
make: *** [tmp/src/ExRootAnalysisDict.o] Error 1
Error detected during the compilation. Please check the compilation error and run make manually.

My root(version5) is right installed , I have miss deleted something in .bashrc, I don't know if it's related to this.

Thank you very much!


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The installer seems to load correctly the version (and compile correctly on my mac).
So I guess this is an issue with your gcc version or something like that.

I have assigned this to Pavel, the author of that package.

Maybe you could give us more information on the machine on which you are running.
and your compilator suite.



Pavel Demin (pavel-demin) said : #2

> My root(version5)

ExRootAnalysis isn't compatible with ROOT 5 anymore, it requires ROOT 6.

Thanks Pavel,

Is it the same for Delphes3?


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>> My root(version5)
> ExRootAnalysis isn't compatible with ROOT 5 anymore, it requires ROOT 6.
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Pavel Demin (pavel-demin) said : #4

> Is it the same for Delphes3?

No. I've just tested Delphes 3.4.1 with ROOT 5.34.09 and it worked.

Pavel Demin (pavel-demin) said : #5

I've just found a workaround of this problem in ROOT 5:

Charlie (xianhui) said : #6

I changed PlotSettings to be public and compile successful, can I safely use it?

Pavel Demin (pavel-demin) said : #7

> can I safely use it?


Charlie (xianhui) said : #8

OK, Thank you!