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Asked by Emmanuel Milou on 2009-09-03


I would like to use Launchpad to translate my project documentation (project name: sflphone). I am using gnome-doc-utils so I generate po files that contains the documentation strings. Can I upload these po files under the sflphone project, or should I create a new project, like sflphone-documentation to upload the po files ?

Thank you

Emmanuel Milou

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Yes, you can: you just need to upload another .pot file for that.

However, that will require manual approval, so you might want to try out our bzr integration which doesn't. If you decide to go with bzr integration, just structure your POT and PO files in a bzr branch like:


If you do tarball uploads, please use the same layout as above. Unfortunately, we still don't support the native gnome-doc-utils layout so you will have to rearrange PO files around.

Emmanuel Milou (manumilou) said : #2

Ok that's good news. Uploading two different pot files didn't come to my mind ...
Can you tell me more about the manual approval ? Who is supposed to deliver such a thing ?

Thank you.

Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #3

Manual approval is not a bad thing but it just goes quicker if you upload directly from a bazaar branch. Please see the documentation here:

Also, this FAQ might should be interesting to you:
FAQ #173: “Which translation templates are actually reviewed by humans?”.

Emmanuel Milou (manumilou) said : #4

Thank you