Which translation templates are actually reviewed by humans?

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen

Every file is marked "Needs Review" as it is uploaded to Launchpad Translations. An automated process then tries to review it.

Whether it succeeds depends on the upload: can the software confidently figure out the right language code and file format from the file's name? But it also depends on other circumstances: is it clear which template it's for? Is there any chance that it's a completely new template? If it's a translation, is it one of an existing template or one that hasn't been imported yet? So it's not a simple one-time choice.

If a file has failed to get through this process for a while, a human comes by and checks it. Usually that's needed only for new projects (where we must check that they satisfy certain requirements) and new release series (where the project's maintainers may want a different setup than in existing series). Also when a template is renamed. Sometimes the automated process isn't sure about the language code in a file's name, but once a human has reviewed it the system remembers the filename and recognizes it in the futureā€”as long as the uploader doesn't change the name.

So are your uploads being held for manual review? You can usually tell by the time it takes. An automated approval takes perhaps an hour (followed by actual import a few minutes later), whereas one that requires human intervention can take up to a few days. When we see that a project keeps triggering manual review, we'll often send an email giving hints about what can be done about it.