Large uploads failing with dpkg-source error

Asked by Rob Savoury

Hi, this is perhaps related to various issues this week since the major migration of the PPA service [*] though it is a distinct failure, hence the new bug report. It seemed that all issues with PPA uploads to Launchpad were fixed, as I had success uploading a new Chromium package after failures for three days. However, while the first of three Chromium packages (for 18.04 Bionic) did successfully upload, the subsequent two packages (for 20.04 Focal and 22.04 Jammy) are repeatedly failing to upload with the following rejection error (where XX is either 20 or 22 respectively):

dpkg-source failed for chromium-browser_119.0.6045.159-0ubuntu0.XX.04.1sav0.dsc [return: 29]
[dpkg-source output: dpkg-source: info: extracting chromium-browser in chromium-browser-119.0.6045.159
  dpkg-source: info: unpacking chromium-browser_119.0.6045.159.orig.tar.xz]

These uploads are to ppa:savoury1/savos which is a private PPA used for certain of my builds that depend upon certain privately published packages (though these Chromium builds are later copied to a public PPA and are freely usable by all). Having never seen this dpkg-source error before I am guessing that it too is possibly related to the major migration of the PPA service this week?

Any help would be appreciated, as always! Thank you.


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Rob Savoury (savoury1) said :

An update: the second Chromium package, for 20.04 Focal, has just now successfully uploaded (7.55pm PST). This was the most recent of a number of upload attempts in the past five hours. Perhaps something has been fixed?

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Rob Savoury (savoury1) said :

This issue has not recurred since the successful uploads that eventually happened last night, possibly just a transient problem related to the major migration of the PPA service. So I am marking this as solved.

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said :
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Rob Savoury (savoury1) said :

Thanks for that detail, very much appreciate all the work the Launchpad team does to keep this excellent service available.