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I am reopening this request because Question #51400 expired (I think I hit the wrong button when replying with more information).

Can you please upgrade bentokit to a superpoject? We require a superproject for Bentokit Project because of the nature of our applications. Our major application, Retromod (retromod), is a community-contributed modular management system for community media organisations that is similar in principle to Drupal, consisting of:

  1. Core functionality
  2. Contributed components to extend core functionality

Each component may have a life of its own, and will likely have its own Launchpad project. It is therefore important that we can keep a track of all the child projects related to the core system.

But also we have other applications that exist outside the Retromod framework, such as Flywire (flywire). So we need a superproject to adequately manage the derivative work by the community.

I am happy to go into more detail if required


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Björn Tillenius (bjornt) said :

There is no way of converting a project into a superproject. What we could do is to create a project group, which contains all the related projects, including bentokit. If that is to be done, we need to know the name of the new project group, since it can't be the same as bentokit's name.

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Ken McLean (kenmclean) said :

Hi Bjorn,

That's fine. The existing bentokit project is empty: it was created specifically to be converted to a superproject (before I discovered you guys can't convert things, but need to create new groups).

So just delete the entire bentokit project, and replace it with a project group of the same name.


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Christian Reis (kiko) said :
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Christian Reis (kiko) said :

Christian Reis suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #210: “Project groups: how do I get one?”.

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Ken McLean (kenmclean) said :

Fantastic. Thanks everyone.