Project groups: how do I get one?

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Project groups allow an organisation to manage several projects from a single place.

Some larger free software projects are actually several related projects working under the same banner. For example: Firefox is part of the Mozilla project. A project group is run by a single organization and is thematic, grouping projects that are related in technology or application domain.

The Project group driver is also a driver for all the associated projects. The project group drivers can manage bugs and blueprints in the associated projects, including setting priority, status, and targeting them to milestones.

A project group milestone allows you to view all the targeted bugs and blueprints from all the associated projects on a single page. You can see who is working the issues and their state. The project group milestones are virtual; they are derived from the names of the milestones in the associates projects.

Requesting a project group

* Existing projects can /not/ be converted into project groups *

You can request a project group by asking a question at Explain why you need a project group, listing the projects that will be in the group. The request should include:

The name of the project group.
The desired Launchpad ID (<launchpad-id>).

A one sentence summary of the project.
A paragraph description of the project.
The team that will own the project.

Adding your project to a project group

Project's can belong to zero or one project group. You can add your project to a project group using the "Change details" link shown on your project's front page. Enter the project groups launchpad-Id in the "Part of" field, the Save your changes.