copy and paste from Inkscape to other with Windows XP SP3

Asked by PJSchleitwiler on 2011-04-11

OS is Windows XP SP3. Using Inkscape v0.48 cannot copy from Inkscape and paste to Photoshop or Irfanview as could do with v0.47. How to fix this?
Workflow is to create elements of design with various programs then assemble. Have been using Inkscape for vector and text elements for inclusion in other graphics. Copy and paste speeds the workflow.
Would like to use v0.48, but not if it costs valuable time.
With v0.47, could select an object, text or object plus text and copy, then paste into Irfanview or Photoshop for further work or changing file format.
With v0.48, when attempting paste into Irfanview, get message "cannot paste from clipboard". Paste into Photoshop yields no result, not even error message, unless had previously used clipboard for image from another program, when it pastes that prior image.
Tried make bitmap copy and paste into GIMP. Nothing. Not even an error message.
So it does not seem to be copying to the system clipboard.
Thank you.

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Seems similar to
which was not answered but closed for inactivity.
but did get this reply from
JazzyNico said on 2011-01-12:


Could you please give your OS and Inkscape version?
That kind of clipboard issues affected Inkscape 0.46, but are fixed as of 0.47 (the last stable version is 0.48).
I've just tried with Inkscape 0.48 on Windows XP, and did not reproduce this bug.

But I am using Windows XP with Inkscape 0.48, so it may not be a bug.
How to fix this is the question.

On chance it was a corrupt installation, I d/l'd a fresh copy, uninstalled and reinstalled Inkscape v0.48.1-2.
No difference. Copy from Inkscape does not put image, vector or raster, on system clipboard.
Does put it on Inkscape only clipboard for paste back into Inks

Since Inkscape v0.47 has the facility to copy to the system clipboard, and jazzynico was able to get v0.48 to do so with Windows XP, it should be a problem which can be solved.

How can this be fixed?

Tried copy from Inkscape and paste to Expression 3.
Was able to transfer path of the figure.

For contrast, copy from Expression 3 and paste to Photoshop allowed choice of path, shape or bitmap.

Why can't I copy from Inkscape and paste directly into Photoshop?
How can this be fixed?

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