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Asked by Hermes on 2011-04-30

Dear Chris!
I totally like the new menu button in FF4, which resides in the tab bar. I also like the Natty-feature to have the menu bars on top of the screen. In FF4 i have currently to decide, wether i want to have either the menu button, or the global menu. I can do this by activating or deactivating your extension. Is it possible to have both at the same time? Is there an option for it or is it possible to add an option for it?
Thanks a lot for your dedication!
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When running Firefox without the globalmenu-extension, you have to decide between a menubar or the button. Because it isn't possible to hide the menubar in Unity, we made the decision to hide the options that allow you to toggle the menubar visibility (which means it isn't possible to show the menu button).

It doesn't really make any sense to display the menu button with a menubar, as it would provide multiple places to perform the same action (the menubar has recently been cleaned to remove actions which are accessible from other parts of the UI, eg, from the navigation bar).

In addition to this, the Firefox button is positioned directly under the BFB ("Home button") in Unity when the window is maximized. This is fairly confusing and makes it difficult to hit the menu button without the launcher opening.

Note, that Firefox already hides some other UI elements if you have a menubar. For example, the drop-down bookmarks button on the navigation bar hides automatically if you use a menubar, as it doesn't make sense to have a bookmarks menu in the menubar and the same menu from the navigation bar (it only shows if you hide the menubar and use the Firefox button)

So, the short answer is - no, you can't have both a menubar and menu button, and it's not likely something that we will support in the future.

Thanks Chris Coulson, that solved my question.