Will you add BeatBox support?

Asked by Scott Ringwelski on 2011-06-22

BeatBox is elementary OS's new Music Player that can be found at http://www.launchpad.net/beat-box. It supports MPRIS fully, so it would be easy to add support for. You can connect to it via "org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.beatbox". If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #1

I've pushed a plugin into trunk that i suppose should work if beatbox sticks well with mpris2 specs
sorry I can't test, I have no time to deal with beatbox building
tell me if you have any problems

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #2

How can I set BeatBox as the music player? I tried editing the config to Player = BeatBox, but had no luck. It also doesn't show in the config window.

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #3

This is the error I get:

scott@Stallion:~/covergloobus$ covergloobus
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr//share/covergloobus/covergloobus.py", line 100, in init
  File "/usr//share/covergloobus/covergloobus.py", line 131, in init_player
    self.player = get_player(name, self)
  File "/usr/share/covergloobus/players/__init__.py", line 34, in get_player
    return get_class(name)(cg)
  File "/usr/share/covergloobus/players/__init__.py", line 31, in get_class
    return __import__('players.'+name, fromlist=['players']).__dict__[name]
ImportError: No module named BeatBox

Best Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #4

as always I've forgot to add the *.py file to the Makefile, should be ok now

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #5

Ok, I was able to sord of get it to work. If I start covergloobus while BeatBox is already open, it will show all the info. It will also show all the info if I switch to BeatBox in the config. However, if I change songs or if I open BeatBox when covergloobus is already opened, it shows all blank fields. I'm guessing this is an MPRIS2 problem on the BeatBox side? If so, could you check it out at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beatbox-team/beat-box/trunk/view/head:/src/Objects/MPRIS.vala ? Maybe I am missing something?

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #6

Thanks Alexandr Grigorcea, that solved my question.

Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #7

well, it does work with RB mpris2 plugins as expected
what you've described it looks like it is not receiving PropertiesChanged
signal expected from org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.beatbox
so I suppose at line 259 it should be like

    new Variant("(sa{sv}as)",

not sure about that though

Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #8

I am probably wrong, since bus name should be inside DBusConnection object

is it working with other clients, like the ubuntu soundmenu?

Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #9

another guess is that the metadata you are sending is wrong
this looks strange:
    Variant variant = this.PlaybackStatus;
    queue_property_for_notification("Metadata", variant);

you should use "PlaybackStatus" signal for that and use _metadata hashtable
for "Metadata" signal

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #10

Ok, I made some suggested changes but can't test until I update the PPA and use that version. Will get back to you on it.

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #11

Just as a heads up, your fixes worked perfectly :). BeatBox now has almost complete support for covergloobus. Just trying to figure out how to get a rating_changed signal from covergloobus now.

Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #12

afaik rating changing is not in Mpris2 specs, but I think there is no
problem to extend them, just add a dbus method and tell me its name and
interface, so I'll add it to the beatbox plugin

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> Just as a heads up, your fixes worked perfectly :). BeatBox now has
> almost complete support for covergloobus. Just trying to figure out how
> to get a rating_changed signal from covergloobus now.
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