GUI rewrite, will there be many string changes for translators?

Asked by Redmar on 2011-11-29

Note: this is a repost from the ubuntu branch of checkbox, which had no activity for 15 days:

I've read on that checkbox will be undergoing a full UI rewrite. As a translator, I was wondering whether this will also include a lot of string changes. If this is the case, I'd like to notify ubuntu translators to make sure no effort is wasted translating the (soon to be) old interface.


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Hi Redmar,

This depends on the location of the strings. We do not expect test descriptions will change en masse at this stage (we already did most of the updates). Some core UI strings might change, but to be honest the rewrite hasn't got far enough right now to know for sure which ones will. We'll try and manage any string changes to reduce the number of strings which need to be re-translated (as opposed to adding entirely new strings).


Redmar (redmar) said : #2

Thanks for your quick response!
If the majority strings will not be changed with the new UI there's no need to notify all translators. I was worried that most if not all strings might become obsolete, if that's not the case all is well.


Redmar (redmar) said : #3

Thanks Brendan Donegan, that solved my question.