Bleachbit kills audio in UbuntuStudio-16

Asked by DonaldJ on 2018-01-25

I tested this 10-times: Bleachbit killed the audio in 'UbuntuStudio-16' in a 'Dell-Lat-D620 Notebook' and in a 'Dell StudioXPS Notebook', and killed the audio in 'ScientificLinux-69'.. I haven't pegged down the why.. It's probably a box I shouldn't have checked..? I checked all boxes but passwords box.. Bleachbit was useful in cleaning half a gig of trash out the OS's.. Bleachbit is valuable but dangerous.. I can't run Bleachbit till I solve this glitch..
Any ideas how to configure Bleachbit to not damage the audio in Ubuntu and ScientificLinux..?

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Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) said : #1

I could use more information, please.

1. Open BleachBit
2. Click Help
3. Click About
4. Please note the version number

Then please let me know the version of BleachBit

DonaldJ (occultrush-5) said : #2

Version 1.10

    On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 11:17 PM, Andrew Ziem <email address hidden> wrote:

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Andrew Ziem requested more information:
I could use more information, please.

1.  Open BleachBit
2.  Click Help
3.  Click About
4.  Please note the version number

Then please let me know the version of BleachBit

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Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) said : #3

BleachBit version 1.10 is very old. Please try BleachBit version 1.19 beta (which will be very similar to the 2.0 stable due very soon)

If this does not help, try *not* cleaning the directories ~/.cache and /tmp by either not checking those boxes or by whitelisting these paths. If this helps, please file a bug report with the details of the path, newer BleachBit version, etc. Then we can narrow down exactly where the problem is.

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