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Answered 111981 Ubuntu live-cd gets stuck on vista, though it works well on xp 2010-05-23 05:29:08 UTC cindy fuentes Ubuntu Answered
Answered 111974 getting windows off my hard-drive 2010-05-23 02:33:48 UTC gparted in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 110885 How can get 1024*1280 resolution 2010-05-13 15:16:17 UTC chandima xserver-xorg-video-intel in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 110492 I want to know if caono's pixma mx340 is compatible to ubuntu 2010-05-10 19:27:14 UTC jeffrey scott kiley Ubuntu Solved
Answered 110485 My screen resolutions are too low ubuntu 10 2010-05-10 18:16:18 UTC William Archer Ubuntu Answered
Solved 110389 Big Problems with dual boot and beyond- really need help!!!! Please 2010-05-10 02:29:52 UTC Heckler gnome-terminal in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106884 cannot boot ubuntu on my HP mini 210 2010-04-09 09:38:14 UTC Gerry Bird Ubuntu Netbook Remix Solved
Solved 106847 no wireless detected 2010-04-08 22:33:16 UTC Maxim Simicich Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106658 Changing of Team Ownership... 2010-04-06 23:47:40 UTC Zach Kriesse Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Solved
Answered 105265 Update 8.10 to Ubuntu Studio 9.10 2010-03-23 08:18:33 UTC Uttam Kumar Pal Ubuntu Answered
Answered 94027 Installing Ubuntu from cd and it freezes just after starting 2009-12-14 14:01:50 UTC Dan Morris yelp in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 94006 Karmic Koala randomly freezes 2009-12-14 07:05:06 UTC Shane Price yelp in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 88831 Update manager gets stuck in 9.04 when trying to upgrade to karmic 2009-11-06 07:45:05 UTC Tulasi update-manager in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 87414 Please Delete group... 2009-10-30 03:12:05 UTC Zach Kriesse Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Answered
Solved 87086 Lightning in Thunderbird 2009-10-27 10:07:45 UTC ian mozilla-thunderbird in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 87054 How do you decrypt coded email? 2009-10-27 01:51:54 UTC Ken Johnson Ubuntu Answered
Answered 87003 skype for linux mid not working in ubuntu jaunty says p2p conection failed 2009-10-26 16:33:00 UTC johngraham Ubuntu Answered
Answered 86985 ff closes unexpectedly. 2009-10-26 12:59:30 UTC ERH_1957 firefox in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 86945 Can't see My USB Flash Drive Ubuntu 9.04 2009-10-26 02:24:10 UTC gtainfotech Ubuntu Answered
Answered 87161 mic not working on skype and in sond recorder in ubuntu 9.10 2009-10-23 20:00:33 UTC claudiu. bucur alsa-driver in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 86596 Flickering with Appeareance settings set to high 2009-10-22 16:54:40 UTC Keith M xserver-xorg-driver-ati in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 86595 Mouse pointer flickers in any wine window, in logmein windows and over some web pages 2009-10-22 16:45:08 UTC heather michel xserver-xorg-driver-ati in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 86594 Installed Ubuntu don't boot i get grub error 22 2009-10-22 16:37:59 UTC Barrie Hawkyard grub in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 82264 I'm trying to get Firebird DBMS to work with Jaunty Desktop 2009-09-08 19:01:36 UTC Zach Kriesse Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81940 Firebird DBS How to load on Ubuntu HELP... 2009-09-05 01:55:14 UTC Zach Kriesse firebird Solved
Answered 79803 Intallation of apache 2009-08-12 07:54:53 UTC Sdas apache2 in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 58428 index.php gives an error warning failed to open stream permission denied in unknown on line 0 2009-01-22 20:38:20 UTC kully apache2 in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 26177 Install kde environment in ubuntu7.10? 2008-03-03 05:19:04 UTC kaykav KDE Base Answered
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