Questions for V字龍(Vdragon)

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Answered 280835 "Create a vertical split" keybinding(Ctrl-F2) not working 2016-01-11 15:12:44 UTC V字龍(Vdragon) byobu in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 255373 Official ReText stable ppa? 2014-10-05 14:38:44 UTC V字龍(Vdragon) ReText Solved
Solved 255098 Failed to load Unity and impossible to load Gallium OSS driver: blank desktop wallpaper with mouse - using U 14.04.1 on AMD Kaveri 7700k) 2014-09-28 12:49:57 UTC Donovan Ubuntu Solved
Answered 198926 How do I set a VNC passwd in lightdm? 2012-05-30 21:29:55 UTC Doug Keester Light Display Manager Answered
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