Questions for Teunis Ott

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Answered 253056 Trouble upgrading, workstation now unusable 2014-08-13 16:38:13 UTC Teunis Ott Ubuntu Answered
Answered 198007 dash does not contain "system" 2012-05-21 20:11:22 UTC Teunis Ott dash in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 197805 problem with Grub files and rebooting from USB stick 2012-05-19 15:06:29 UTC Teunis Ott grub2 in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 197636 Renaming USB Flash Stick in Ubuntu 2012-05-17 20:38:50 UTC Teunis Ott util-linux in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 197486 Ubuntu, Grub Rescue> 2012-05-16 17:09:48 UTC Teunis Ott grub2 in Ubuntu Answered
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