Questions for Sergey Svishchev

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Answered 173584 Cannot view bugs that are affecting me (Timeout error) 2011-10-07 19:21:52 UTC 2011-10-07 Sergey Svishchev Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 134126 Disks attached to aic94xx controller are not detected by netbooted installer 2010-11-15 14:07:41 UTC 2010-11-15 Sergey Svishchev util-linux in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 133896 How to definitely disable framebuffer during netboot install? 2010-11-13 15:59:09 UTC 2010-11-13 Sergey Svishchev linux in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 100003 What is the purpose of "netsnmp" project? 2010-02-05 13:04:14 UTC 2010-02-05 Sergey Svishchev Launchpad itself Solved
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