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Answered 192045 would like to know how to clean up &defrag please 2012-03-29 12:46:49 UTC Phil Haselton ubuntu-meta in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 192019 how do i burn music from my library to an empty cd 2012-03-29 07:13:58 UTC nick henke gnome-media in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 192011 OS problem: i have ubuntu 11.10 and i am trying to install win 7 2012-03-29 05:21:37 UTC kartikey ubiquity in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 166861 firefox not shutting down 2011-08-03 20:58:08 UTC steve davis firefox in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 164955 cant start jack control 2011-07-15 21:18:57 UTC steve davis jack in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 164946 I can't burn any cd/dvd with Ubuntu 11.04 2011-07-15 20:06:51 UTC Marcelo brasero in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 163766 how do i add the necessary application to copy a dvd 2011-07-05 00:27:51 UTC Gina Torres brasero in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 163725 gome crashed no desk top buttons 2011-07-04 14:58:24 UTC Glenn Caughill gnome-panel in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 163626 trouble downloading a video 2011-07-03 17:10:30 UTC Raelee totem in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 151338 smplayer- dots and arrows on screen 2011-04-01 19:06:37 UTC steve davis smplayer in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 125184 trying to dual boot mint debian from ubuntu 10.10 2010-09-13 01:34:25 UTC steve davis grub2 in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 100387 Why does Ubuntu-One not work with Opera??? 2010-02-09 01:56:29 UTC steve davis Ubuntu One Client Solved
Solved 98808 dual boot 2 drives on ubuntu 9.10 2010-01-27 01:50:57 UTC steve davis grub2 in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 78455 wont reboot after update 2009-07-29 00:07:23 UTC steve davis Ubuntu Answered
Answered 71773 want to run 2 linux os's on 2 hard drives can i dualboot? 2009-05-20 15:05:05 UTC steve davis Ubuntu Answered
Solved 68289 usb harddrive not recognised error 71 2009-04-22 22:58:12 UTC steve davis Ubuntu Solved
Solved 60444 ubuntu not recognising midi keyboard 2009-02-09 19:45:11 UTC steve davis Ubuntu Solved
Solved 60009 ubuntu wont boot-hardware initiate failed 2009-02-05 17:09:25 UTC steve davis Ubuntu Solved
Solved 59945 wine not detecting external dvd 2009-02-04 23:18:47 UTC steve davis wine in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 59814 avi convert and burn 2009-02-04 02:31:39 UTC steve davis Ubuntu Solved
Solved 57458 ktorrent opens then shuts down 2009-01-14 19:21:10 UTC steve davis ktorrent in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 57389 acer aspire 5315 wireless driver not recognised 2009-01-14 04:16:09 UTC steve davis Ubuntu Answered
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