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Solved 77000 not working correctly when not run using sudo 2009-07-14 20:57:59 UTC Stephen Glunt nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 76987 smartmontools package needs mailserver? 2009-07-14 20:38:51 UTC Marcel smartmontools in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 76983 no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH 2009-07-14 20:06:05 UTC Ben Larisch Ubuntu Solved
Answered 76972 E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report. 2009-07-14 17:34:07 UTC landzent dpkg in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 76963 update message error 2009-07-14 16:00:31 UTC Xpatnat Ubuntu Answered
Solved 76916 2 problems now i guess this happened when i ran the sudo apt-get autoremove... this is what is going on with my computer ok the applications on my panel is not even showing me the applications under the applications problem and my internet in the network settings it doesn't show the connectio wifi any more so how can i fix these 2 problems 2009-07-14 03:52:30 UTC Neisha update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 76819 apt-get autoremove error 2009-07-13 02:01:59 UTC Neisha update-manager in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 76673 I cannot change my "Visual Effect" to "Normal" from none. 2009-07-11 14:09:28 UTC pepperblue compiz in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 76627 networkmanager overwriting iptables on boot-up 2009-07-10 21:11:50 UTC Matt iptables in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 76592 Boot error 2009-07-10 13:35:29 UTC Tamer Ubuntu Solved
Answered 76467 Is there a security ssh issue in ubuntu? 2009-07-09 06:06:22 UTC Daniel Stone openssh in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 76508 cannot run update manager 2009-07-08 02:21:44 UTC Carol update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 76261 Locations 2009-07-06 23:54:05 UTC Rob Frerejean Ubuntu Solved
Solved 76252 /var/log/fsck/* does not apper in logrotate policy 2009-07-06 21:55:59 UTC Xan Ubuntu Solved
Answered 76221 mac address memory 2009-07-06 14:25:03 UTC ReimarBauer Ubuntu Answered
Answered 76179 How do I access the server screen ? Was set wrong need to re set. 2009-07-05 23:25:02 UTC John Nalepa Ubuntu Answered
Solved 76178 apt passed wrong info in ubuntu 9.04 2009-07-05 23:12:42 UTC dalepace update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 76083 sources.list file problem in ubuntu 9.04 2009-07-04 13:11:26 UTC weboye update-manager in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 76077 E:_cache>open failed. Help ? 2009-07-04 11:15:51 UTC john wood Ubuntu Answered
Answered 75901 how do I get the irs form 2009-07-02 12:29:03 UTC cheri f moore firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 75768 Ubuntu 9.04 Trash 2009-07-01 03:44:00 UTC Sunyata nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 75758 How do I get/create launch icons? 2009-07-01 01:31:03 UTC Clive Rodeo Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75754 Switching completely to Ubuntu 2009-07-01 00:08:04 UTC Perez Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75746 How to disable logging and delete the logs? 2009-06-30 22:29:44 UTC Patrick Knight Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75741 Donated Computer Password problems. 2009-06-30 20:50:26 UTC Joe Vargas Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75647 How does Evolution work? 2009-06-29 22:41:45 UTC Barbara Maver evolution in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 75646 What do i do abourt buffering? 2009-06-29 22:39:18 UTC william payne firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 75638 Ftp association between Evolution and Firefox 2009-06-29 15:57:41 UTC galatini evolution in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 75612 boot error 17. i really need help. 2009-06-29 15:14:31 UTC Monk3007 grub in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 75605 forgotten ubuntu password 2009-06-29 14:30:29 UTC jean Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75603 installing programs problem 2009-06-29 14:17:18 UTC rage Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75566 No Programs on Panel 2009-06-29 03:27:51 UTC HES Ubuntu Solved
Answered 75558 Install this Program 2009-06-28 22:34:09 UTC NYGFan Ubuntu Answered
Answered 75474 fail gparted contains a mounted file system 2009-06-27 14:12:19 UTC NSzAero12 Ubuntu Answered
Solved 75413 using Ekiga on my Ubuntu PC can I communicate with a friend using Skype on a Windows PC 2009-06-26 17:04:55 UTC srikumar ekiga in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75379 Preference - Startup Application on 9.04 2009-06-26 10:38:42 UTC martino Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75358 just wondering if i can use my external hard drive on ubuntu 2009-06-26 02:59:34 UTC bluntman187 Ubuntu Solved
Open 75330 processes remain after "ssh -X <user>@localhost firefox -no-remote" 2009-06-25 20:01:47 UTC Shahar Or Ubuntu Open
Solved 75325 Source for security is local and not the main security source 2009-06-25 19:35:48 UTC Shahar Or Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75294 need to reset host 2009-06-25 14:58:19 UTC Roger Warburton Ubuntu Solved
Answered 75246 How can I enable /dev/pty devices in 9.04? 2009-06-25 02:32:51 UTC Jon Martini Ubuntu Answered
Solved 75245 How to delete chat logs. 2009-06-25 02:17:40 UTC graybluecat pidgin in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75240 udev: renamed network interface hangs boot 2009-06-25 01:44:46 UTC Vincen Collins Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75212 Ubuntu 9.04 Firefox 3 up scroll goes back in history 2009-06-24 19:21:25 UTC George firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75196 Can't Sign Code of Conduct 2009-06-24 16:00:57 UTC james.brantley gnupg in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 75195 Using firefox 3.5 as a defult browser over 3.0.11 2009-06-24 15:48:34 UTC makarand synaptic in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 75151 running k9copy with 9.04 2009-06-24 00:19:53 UTC sundowner Ubuntu Answered
Solved 75127 Configuring a Panel 2009-06-23 17:33:47 UTC biomedtek Ubuntu Solved
Solved 75081 send/recieve mail button dim & non-functional. re-start no good 2009-06-22 22:10:35 UTC John Petersen evolution in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 75020 can't download anything-this is the worst system I have ever seen! 2009-06-22 17:41:47 UTC mark weaver Ubuntu Answered
Answered 74866 User Privileges unclickable 2009-06-21 02:14:02 UTC Potterman210 Ubuntu Answered
Solved 74820 BIND (named) denied hourly by apparmor querying IPv6 interfaces 2009-06-20 14:57:46 UTC Ian McMichael apparmor in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 74681 cpu usage jumps from 2% to 50%+ when viewing flash videos 2009-06-18 23:17:12 UTC ernie Ubuntu Solved
Solved 74604 /proc/cpuinfo reporting incorrect data 2009-06-18 08:15:29 UTC Jessica Litwin Ubuntu Solved
Answered 74561 live session 2009-06-17 22:08:57 UTC weni Ubuntu Answered
Solved 74559 how to open .mht files ? 2009-06-17 21:57:27 UTC edgardo cavada firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 74523 Notifications have no dismiss icon or pointer 2009-06-17 17:18:24 UTC Bill Farmer Ubuntu Solved
Answered 74517 networkmanager icon no longer at top of screen 2009-06-17 15:31:21 UTC Mark Woodward Ubuntu Answered
Solved 74512 problem with both of my cpu1 and cpu2. 2009-06-17 14:36:22 UTC will Ubuntu Solved
Answered 74500 My send/receive button is greyed out. cant get emails 2009-06-17 12:54:34 UTC evolution in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 74488 update manager fails to update in jaunty 2009-06-17 10:33:09 UTC phaniraj update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 74779 System does not suspend on laptop close 2009-06-16 20:48:50 UTC Massimo gnome-power-manager in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 74259 Can I use Ubuntu? 2009-06-14 22:59:06 UTC BlueLightning Ubuntu Solved
Answered 73988 How do you disable the popups at the right upper corner? 2009-06-11 22:10:45 UTC srinath kumar dulur pidgin in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 73982 ssh remote login 2009-06-11 21:24:45 UTC Saul Lubkin openssh in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 73972 grub2 2009-06-11 20:33:36 UTC j3lc grub2 in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 73964 IM appears on screen first! 2009-06-11 18:59:45 UTC clombard pidgin in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 73950 where are nautilus visual tutorials? 2009-06-11 15:50:24 UTC Dan Smith nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 73944 How to automaticly upgrade security patches? 2009-06-11 15:09:05 UTC Ralph Ulrich Ubuntu Answered
Solved 73891 Update Manager 2009-06-11 00:49:11 UTC S.Vikash Koushik update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 73850 Source files to create a start-up USB startup disk 2009-06-10 14:33:53 UTC andrew2010 usb-creator in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 73824 lncurses missing, could not complete compilation of .bas file in freebasic 2009-06-10 08:21:30 UTC blurt Ubuntu Solved
Solved 73687 Full Screen Video is Lagging (almost looks like slow-motion) in Firefox 2009-06-08 21:58:01 UTC ernie Ubuntu Solved
Solved 73629 PGP problem, do I have keys made or not, ha. 2009-06-08 12:40:51 UTC tim Ubuntu Solved
Solved 73624 abode flash player problem; I've tried for hours, help please. 2009-06-08 11:03:01 UTC tim firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Solved
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