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Answered 697451 Report misbehaviour by user jace833 2021-06-08 20:42:18 UTC scoder Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 90742 etree.strip_tags() does not remove all instances of a defined tag 2009-11-18 17:39:09 UTC phatfish lxml Solved
Answered 67433 Having porting issues due to libgcrypt library on QNX 2009-04-14 13:04:01 UTC npowell lxml Answered
Answered 65533 Version in trunk (svn:63387) doesn't compile on Fedora 9.x86_64 2009-03-27 13:31:53 UTC bol lxml Answered
Answered 65510 How to set libxml:XML_PARSE_HUGE-option in lxml? 2009-03-27 08:16:19 UTC bol lxml Answered
Solved 61584 Is it possible to make lxml use hex instead of decimal for unicode entities? 2009-02-19 14:41:42 UTC usernamenumber lxml Solved
Answered 60555 pretty_print on a tree parsed with StringIO 2009-02-10 18:20:16 UTC Schnito lxml Answered
Answered 60170 resolve_entities=False seems to have no effect 2009-02-07 01:41:17 UTC usernamenumber lxml Answered
Answered 45971 validate huge files 2008-09-22 15:16:25 UTC u.wesseler lxml Answered
Answered 44467 Resolving entities 2008-09-07 22:29:51 UTC Kovid Goyal lxml Answered
Answered 44244 building lxml failed due to problem with architecture type 2008-09-05 14:48:41 UTC Roland Hedberg lxml Answered
Answered 33683 ElementTree write() implementation 2008-05-20 13:56:35 UTC Andrew Stromnov lxml Answered
Solved 29350 ImportError - xmlSchematronFree 2008-04-09 19:36:57 UTC outspoken lxml Solved
Solved 28032 How do I pretty print an XML tree that contains whitespace? 2008-03-26 11:02:14 UTC scoder lxml Solved
Answered 26899 Custom Element loading with XMLSchema types 2008-03-12 18:35:40 UTC Sebastien Merle lxml Answered
Answered 26885 With objectify, how to remove the pytype namespace declaration after deannotate 2008-03-12 15:20:53 UTC Sebastien Merle lxml Answered
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