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Answered 229193 Grub shows entries of the removed images in Ubuntu 13.04 2013-05-19 03:07:35 UTC Rajinder Sandhu Ubuntu Answered
Solved 213860 After upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 Transmission will not launch from shortcuts and torrent downloads. 2012-11-10 23:20:18 UTC henrym12 transmission in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 193261 How to remove Recent Documents Entries in Ubuntu 11.10 2012-04-11 02:21:03 UTC Rajinder Sandhu ubuntu-meta in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 178476 bandwidthd not working unable to reinstall or remove 2011-11-12 08:58:14 UTC Rajinder Sandhu bandwidthd in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 176954 return to old Desktop display 2011-10-31 08:57:23 UTC Rajinder Sandhu unity in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 175796 Black Screen, rsyslog process killed by ABRT Signal 2011-10-23 02:15:58 UTC Rajinder Sandhu xserver-xorg-video-nv in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 174623 after upgrading to ubuntu 11.10 Xservver not running 2011-10-16 02:36:18 UTC Rajinder Sandhu xserver-xorg-video-nv in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 156007 Download into a partition 2011-05-05 00:09:58 UTC John Campbell ubiquity in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 149681 hIGH MEMORYUSAGE 2011-03-19 09:27:56 UTC Rajinder Sandhu Ubuntu Solved
Solved 148978 unable to minimise the applications like firefox deluge etc 2011-03-14 02:09:00 UTC Rajinder Sandhu gnome-panel in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 144933 How to skip or ignore this removing process so that upgrading can take place 2011-02-11 02:11:51 UTC Rajinder Sandhu update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 143126 Unable to upgrade with apt in Ubuntu 10.10 2011-01-28 01:21:30 UTC Rajinder Sandhu update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 140716 unable to securely remove linux headers 2011-01-09 02:14:45 UTC Rajinder Sandhu apt in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 124968 HW Devices not getting detected in ubuntu 10.04 2010-09-11 02:21:56 UTC Rajinder Sandhu linux in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 116509 Deleting older Ubuntu linux kernel images 2010-07-03 05:43:07 UTC Jonathon Mitchell Ubuntu Solved
Answered 115854 How to play vcd in ubuntu? 2010-06-26 13:30:24 UTC Ripon Majumder gnome-media in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 115824 ubuntu doesnt work 2010-06-26 03:51:43 UTC Eric Ubuntu Solved
Answered 115788 10.04 LTS is not working properly cannot install software using software-center 2010-06-25 17:37:47 UTC Jayaraj software-center in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 115230 how to install Nvidia drivers from nvidia website? 2010-06-20 17:23:45 UTC Darren Laver xserver-xorg-video-nv in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 114740 Which command to install nvidia drivers..? 2010-06-15 20:31:22 UTC Black Gold xserver-xorg-video-nv in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113703 kindly help me how to find out my problem to ubuntu 10.04. when i connect the headset to the laptop, the sound from the laptop is still working. suppose to be it is automatically off, just only the sound to the headset can i hear. same way to the mic. please help me. what sould i do? thanks to your positive response. 2010-06-06 21:55:59 UTC inri cruz empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113542 Installing Ubuntu 9.10 Using CD, on New Harddrive, how long does it take to install, it has been over an hour now? 2010-06-05 06:03:16 UTC winghead Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113495 Can some one On Ubuntu staff come on remote viewing with my computer to help me to configure this program out 2010-06-04 18:00:42 UTC rooster C Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113477 what is ubuntu 2010-06-04 15:21:09 UTC ajesh Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113453 Skype Issues 9.10 2010-06-04 10:33:13 UTC The Casket skype in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 113395 no problem 2010-06-03 19:42:58 UTC fred.kelsey firefox in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 112949 How to hear what i have recorded using sound recorder in Ubuntu 2010-05-31 14:13:22 UTC rojo2000r Ubuntu Solved
Answered 112932 Cannot install Ubuntu/Kubuntu 2010-05-31 11:37:41 UTC Steven Ubuntu Answered
Solved 112924 Ubuntu Not installing 2010-05-31 10:43:43 UTC Saitama Ubuntu Solved
Solved 112480 just a simple question . 2010-05-27 15:15:39 UTC GREG T. Ubuntu Solved
Solved 112475 How do I change my DNS configuration - 10.04? 2010-05-27 14:34:24 UTC tadiv gnome-nettool in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 112448 How to upgrade from a CD to 10.04 2010-05-27 10:17:40 UTC Jeremy Andrews Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112436 linking skype with empathy 2010-05-27 08:49:19 UTC Claridge Mwatsama empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112421 XP Won't Boot After Upgrade to 10.04 LTS in Dual-Boot System 2010-05-27 07:12:27 UTC Steve Hensley grub in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112396 What security do I need on Ubuntu? 2010-05-27 01:21:22 UTC anon45 Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112284 how to install on desktop 2010-05-26 05:04:01 UTC brandonlaw1992 Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112280 how do i discard my pop up blocker 2010-05-26 03:52:57 UTC leonard gordon firefox in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112206 Please impress me. 2010-05-25 13:29:42 UTC Marc Garcia Ubuntu Answered
Answered 111882 Does the Ubuntu system have a "restore" like in Windows 2010-05-22 00:54:56 UTC Deb Ubuntu Answered
Answered 111874 Where to get update patches & bugs of high importance 2010-05-21 23:05:18 UTC Kath update-manager in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 111278 How do I install Windows Media Player 2010-05-16 23:15:03 UTC oocevin Ubuntu Solved
Solved 111261 Problem during instalation: grub rescue 2010-05-16 21:02:46 UTC danilo Ubuntu Solved
Answered 111248 how to change from avi file to an iso so i can burn 2010-05-16 18:41:51 UTC frank morgan transmission in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 110932 How can i view items saved in windows, on ubuntu? 2010-05-13 21:34:27 UTC nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 108382 webcam 2010-04-25 19:09:13 UTC anna moruzzi empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 111872 Kubuntu 9.10 failed to upgrade to 10.04 2010-04-15 18:32:16 UTC TGBaker update-manager in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106891 No Video Controls in Totem Player 2.30.0 2010-04-09 12:06:47 UTC Rajinder Sandhu Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106818 Help I can't rid of the error message. Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system. 2010-04-08 16:50:37 UTC Rebecca Bigelow alacarte in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 106733 XP ehternet not working with ubuntu dual boot. ubutu being the Primary OS. 2010-04-07 21:12:43 UTC shar_m Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106711 How to make a bootable USB drive from a bootable DVD 2010-04-07 14:11:20 UTC LEGOManiac Ubuntu Solved
Answered 106709 failed to boot default entries 2010-04-07 14:06:15 UTC alan jussif Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106708 install errors, uninstall & reinstall? 2010-04-07 14:02:34 UTC David Wilkinson Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106701 Install stuck on Step 5 2010-04-07 11:46:42 UTC Jo Hayes ubuntu-docs in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106696 Data download meter 2010-04-07 10:36:14 UTC Iqbal Ubuntu Answered
Solved 106669 Issue in installing Lucid 2010-04-07 03:25:00 UTC Vivek S Panicker Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106666 pulse audio input settings 2010-04-07 02:24:19 UTC Miro Glavić Ubuntu Solved
Answered 106638 usb camera will not show up under Places\Computer 2010-04-06 17:40:21 UTC mackinnon Ubuntu Answered
Solved 106614 do i need to reinstall installed files from synaptic package manager after i notice misbehaviour of my computer ? 2010-04-06 13:03:27 UTC Gary Mercado Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106533 Editing of entries in Grub 1.5 in simple terms 2010-04-05 16:52:02 UTC Dr Rahul Rai Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106523 ubuntu gives time 1:59PM while corect time is 7:59PM PST 2010-04-05 14:03:57 UTC shermkh Ubuntu Solved
Answered 106501 No display in dell inspiron while installation 2010-04-05 09:19:30 UTC murali7kv Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106477 can not get my toolbar to appear on my desktop 2010-04-05 02:30:32 UTC Gerri firefox-3.5 in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106442 Can't log in after regular update on Lucid 2010-04-04 13:39:33 UTC Juan Rivera Ubuntu Answered
Solved 106409 synaptic package manager not working 2010-04-04 00:07:03 UTC yzfvie Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106393 uninstall ubuntu 9.10 2010-04-03 19:40:06 UTC T Coram Ubuntu Solved
Answered 106386 enable a webcam 2010-04-03 17:07:50 UTC Nastovski Alexandar gnome-terminal in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 106379 help speeding up downloads 2010-04-03 15:37:52 UTC Robert McCollough software-center in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 106354 webcam not working 2010-04-03 11:58:36 UTC shubham Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106273 after installing ubuntu 9.10 and logging in , it is hanged,not working 2010-04-02 12:48:25 UTC vinodmeena Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106156 how to download songs from the internet to rhythmbox in unbuntu 2010-04-01 06:53:35 UTC Steven vanderdonk rhythmbox in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 106120 Grub 1.97~beta 4 will not let me log onto WinXP 2010-03-31 19:07:57 UTC kukabubba Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106075 Movie player playlists? Multiple sequential files? 2010-03-31 04:58:49 UTC Robert H. Dinah totem in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 106064 Will Skype be in a official Ubuntu repository? 2010-03-31 00:51:47 UTC João Olavo Vasconcelos skype in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106024 Ubuntu 10.04 does not switch off properly 2010-03-30 17:00:14 UTC gregorias Ubuntu Answered
Answered 106023 If I dual boot with ubuntu 10.4 can easily delete it later? 2010-03-30 16:43:59 UTC Javier yelp in Ubuntu Answered
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