Questions for Ricardo Kirkner

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Solved 223670 How to deploy Canonical SSO provider on local ubuntu server? 2013-03-07 15:37:43 UTC Samuel Omlin Canonical SSO provider Solved
Solved 212771 Unable to log in with Firefox 2012-10-30 17:02:12 UTC Thomas Eschenbacher Canonical SSO provider Solved
Answered 165095 When will Ubuntu SSO be in French. 2011-07-17 09:07:00 UTC PEIGNOT Kévin Canonical SSO provider Answered
Answered 144590 Please add a project group for ISD 2011-02-08 14:30:05 UTC Ricardo Kirkner Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 135926 Is there a shortcut method to skip the usual config boilerplate? 2010-11-29 15:55:52 UTC Stuart Metcalfe configglue Answered
Answered 135925 Is there any way to access options in a shorter format? 2010-11-29 15:49:42 UTC Stuart Metcalfe configglue Answered
Answered 135924 How do I specify a short config name for cli use? 2010-11-29 15:45:08 UTC Stuart Metcalfe configglue Answered
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