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Answered 218328 usb pendrive error 2013-01-04 00:12:20 UTC paolode Ubuntu Answered
Needs information 189716 Ubuntu 12.04 unstable: not unmounting root hdd cleanly on shutdown and reboot 2012-03-05 11:10:17 UTC Jappreet util-linux in Ubuntu Needs information
Answered 178064 mount and unmount problem 2011-11-08 17:55:38 UTC rahulchoure4541 udisks in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 99154 cannot unmount volume with usb 2.0 flash drive 2010-01-29 21:17:43 UTC Georgann Willkommen yelp in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 91994 failed to unmount partitions 2009-11-28 01:27:36 UTC texastop2003 gnome-system-tools in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 77534 error: cannot unmount volume 2009-07-20 09:51:45 UTC vijay kaffeine in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 76714 Manual unmounting of busy hard drive volume 2009-07-11 22:16:09 UTC indemo gparted in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 67128 Brasero Burning Problem 2009-04-11 09:20:10 UTC S.Vikash Koushik brasero in Ubuntu Solved
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