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Solved 41924 Why is this guy so confused? (or: "this doesn't /look/ like Kansas") 2008-08-11 22:36:18 UTC 2008-08-11 NoviceNotes™ Ubuntu Solved
Solved 41829 Launchpad (this web site): Upon trying to be some kinda good guy, n dishin out reply... 2008-08-11 01:47:56 UTC 2008-08-11 NoviceNotes™ beryl-settings-simple in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 41825 Has been unstable for the past week, started with not being able to use the back arrow, can't use search engine in toolbar, bookmarks gone, must get lucky to even boot properly, no disk space avail to save anything? Today there are 2700 emails about Bugs in my Gmail??? What is going on?? Please help/ love linux/i'mnew 2008-08-10 23:16:54 UTC 2008-08-10 DaPenningtons beryl-settings-simple in Ubuntu Answered
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