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Solved 82968 cannot import gpg keys from behind a proxy 2009-09-16 13:16:17 UTC Nizar Kerkeni Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 82663 How do I start an Ubuntu Translation team for Afar language ? 2009-09-13 14:10:08 UTC Charif AYFARAH Ubuntu Translations Solved
Solved 82367 Install thru wubi then remove windows? 2009-09-10 02:09:04 UTC Ubuntu Solved
Answered 82358 openoffice calc formula fails under ubuntu 2009-09-09 20:58:58 UTC argetm in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 81849 driver for ubuntu 9.04 64bit ati radeon hd4200 onboard video chipset 2009-09-04 03:14:22 UTC larry stevens Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81834 I got two ubuntu help me? 2009-09-03 23:23:34 UTC prassu Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81794 opening pdf files in ubuntu 2009-09-03 13:00:33 UTC johnw evince in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81748 How do i make Evolution sort mail by accounts in diffrent folders ?? 2009-09-03 00:30:01 UTC Baldur evolution in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81740 file menu has a black background sometimes 2009-09-02 22:39:47 UTC Larry McCrea Ubuntu Solved
Answered 81645 Is there an official, or clean, FAQ? 2009-09-01 22:32:57 UTC ponchik Ubuntu Answered
Solved 81599 gwibber 1.2 and stable ppa 2009-09-01 13:30:13 UTC Nizar Kerkeni Gwibber Solved
Solved 81508 a GUI way to change gdm theme in karmic? 2009-08-31 13:48:10 UTC Bernhard gnome-control-center in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 81505 myspell dictionnaries 2009-08-31 13:23:03 UTC theOtherOne in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 81503 unable to switch back to administrator user 2009-08-31 13:14:00 UTC James Krieg xorg in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 81484 smtp yahoo doesn't work on evolution mail 2009-08-29 12:54:28 UTC BudiPrasetyo evolution in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 81296 First time to contribute to Open-Source 2009-08-29 08:30:46 UTC Seif Sallam Gwibber Answered
Solved 73251 ubuntu-tn team and ubuntu-tn-users team are subscribed to all bugs in Launchpad itself !! 2009-06-04 16:54:55 UTC Zied ALAYA Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 70669 Changing the url of an existing project 2009-05-10 16:02:42 UTC Rached ALAYA Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Solved
Solved 67812 Our team on Launchpad is subscribe to answers: how it come's and how unsubscribe 2009-04-18 10:22:37 UTC Zied ALAYA Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 59237 how do I burn a disk 2009-01-30 14:31:13 UTC Roger R Bigham brasero in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 59233 Ubuntu partitioning recommendation. 2009-01-30 14:02:07 UTC Bjarni kde-guidance in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 44720 Please remove inactive members 2008-09-10 13:25:01 UTC Nizar Kerkeni Launchpad itself Barry Warsaw Solved
Solved 42608 Pidgin does not start unless i start it from terminal as super user. 2008-08-19 19:15:19 UTC Darina pidgin in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 41598 can't play video cds 2008-08-08 10:32:07 UTC Ricci Ubuntu Solved
Solved 41592 do not want to see text when I bootup and shut down 2008-08-08 09:02:02 UTC Kev Ubuntu Solved
Answered 41528 Ubuntu server on x86 2008-08-07 17:36:05 UTC Tom Ubuntu Answered
Answered 41526 Download pictures from a Canon 10D in Version 8.04 2008-08-07 17:23:17 UTC Jessh Ubuntu Answered
Answered 41520 uninstall ubuntu 2008-08-07 16:24:46 UTC randy firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 41518 ttf fonts 2008-08-07 15:57:44 UTC Milan Singha Ubuntu Answered
Answered 41478 Liferea crach when closing tab 2008-08-07 08:36:26 UTC Olivier BONNAURE Ubuntu Answered
Answered 41389 Could not open "AdobeReader_enu-8.1.2_SU1-1.i486.rpm" Archive type not supported.what do I do now 2008-08-06 14:22:27 UTC seahorses yelp in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 40324 Am using linux firefox 3 and opera 9.51 the site tells me can only access using Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.0 and above how do l acess it with linux . 2008-07-26 11:09:46 UTC cholanyambu Ubuntu Solved
Answered 40218 cannot install ipod/itunes 2008-07-25 08:45:30 UTC sonia Ubuntu Answered
Solved 40198 Can't enable Desktop Effects in Ubuntu 8.04 2008-07-25 03:40:58 UTC Sir Gibby Ubuntu Solved
Answered 40191 BURNING CDS 2008-07-25 01:18:23 UTC David38840 Ubuntu Answered
Solved 38209 migrating from firefox 3.0 beta 5 to firefox 3 2008-07-04 13:27:07 UTC gans firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 37225 swap partition change 2008-06-24 09:29:00 UTC bazsik Ubuntu Answered
Solved 37208 Redirect Documents and Pictures "Places" 2008-06-24 06:06:13 UTC Mike C Ubuntu Solved
Solved 37178 i cannot compile the c files in the terminal please help 2008-06-23 21:35:35 UTC konig Ubuntu Solved
Answered 37061 Upgrade to 8.04 from CD, but without the alternate cd 2008-06-22 19:44:32 UTC Matt Marell Ubuntu Answered
Answered 32203 does ubuntu 8.04 LTS install cd comes with a i686 kernel 2008-05-06 10:23:24 UTC dips Ubuntu Answered
Answered 32183 the sound is not as loud as with windows i have a sony vio pcv-a31l 2008-05-06 04:08:41 UTC sallyandjeff Ubuntu Answered
Solved 31903 How to create a new poll in launchpad 2008-05-03 22:47:46 UTC Nizar Kerkeni Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 26033 LyX 1.5.4 is out! 2008-03-01 14:51:47 UTC Xizeng Mao lyx in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 20502 Translation-French 2007-12-22 10:38:02 UTC Eric Querelle Ubuntu Desktop Course Answered
Answered 20021 how to open iso file in ubuntu and how to make pppoe internet connectionin ubuntu 2007-12-14 14:18:14 UTC niteshacharya Ubuntu Answered
Solved 20017 Do I have to have an XP disc to use VirtualBox? 2007-12-14 13:01:52 UTC Michael James Ubuntu Solved
Solved 13960 ia32-libs_2.1ubuntu2_amd64 could not be installed 2007-09-25 09:42:44 UTC Nizar Kerkeni ia32-libs in Ubuntu Solved
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