Questions for Nigel Babu

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Solved 170116 Please deactivate spamming user 2011-09-04 17:53:03 UTC Nigel Babu Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 168368 OpenID problem 2011-08-18 05:26:39 UTC El Ach├Ęche ANIS LoCo Team Portal Solved
Answered 127561 Warn or Ban user andreas-voelklein 2010-10-01 13:03:19 UTC Nigel Babu Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 125533 Spam in blueprint 2010-09-15 15:30:12 UTC Nigel Babu Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Solved
Answered 107284 Remove spam from bug report 2010-04-13 15:55:47 UTC Nigel Babu Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Answered
Answered 106113 Change project name 2010-03-31 17:49:26 UTC Nigel Babu Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Answered
Solved 103096 Delete spam from Bug 497117 and block user 2010-03-03 14:51:15 UTC Nigel Babu Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Solved
Solved 101211 New release planned? 2010-02-15 22:48:20 UTC Emilien Klein Lernid Solved
Answered 101118 How to edit song titles 2010-02-14 22:22:56 UTC Bart Holswade rhythmbox in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 100392 ubuntu software center issue 2010-02-09 04:22:31 UTC Jiles Julian software-center in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 100248 Can't type in a time in 2010-02-07 16:26:48 UTC Steve Hanov in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 99172 Ask for a new package to be included in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) 2010-01-29 23:32:05 UTC Massimo Cora' anjuta in Ubuntu Nigel Babu Solved
Answered 95934 Can I change from dollars to pounds? 2010-01-02 15:10:01 UTC Angel2409 eqonomize in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 95907 softwares to open yuotube videos from net 2010-01-02 10:21:07 UTC appu yelp in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 95905 Why not version 1.1.0? 2010-01-02 09:28:21 UTC aldorr cpptest in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 95841 WHY PulseAudio is the default audio manager? 2010-01-01 14:45:32 UTC George Silviu Enea Ubuntu Solved
Answered 95836 IRC not shown in join chat list 2010-01-01 12:47:55 UTC Kruptein pidgin in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 95693 Boot menu too many kernel rows How to remove...? 2009-12-30 19:47:20 UTC Puneeth.S yelp in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 92673 how to un installing ubuntu 9.10 and install xp 2009-12-03 05:20:04 UTC trinath yelp in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 90398 need help i'm writing a small program in c and want to know how to make it password protected 2009-11-16 04:43:59 UTC nichols garrett Ubuntu Solved
Solved 89618 How do I get spellcheck to work for Canadian English? 2009-11-11 03:08:55 UTC mina299 in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 89440 Disabled wireless won't re-enable 2009-11-10 03:22:06 UTC Robert uses ubuntu gnome-nettool in Ubuntu Answered
Needs information 89137 installed 9.10 monitor doesn't work 2009-11-08 02:20:32 UTC jlkrupka Ubuntu Needs information
Solved 89125 Any hope for my ancient mac? 2009-11-07 23:52:34 UTC Allicroc Ubuntu Solved
Answered 89069 Don't recognize the sound hardware (the output and the input hardware) in the ubuntu studio 64amd 9.10 in my notebook hp pavilion dv9790ep 2009-11-07 17:07:40 UTC Paulo Meireles Ubuntu Answered
Answered 89011 How to connect through proxy? 2009-11-07 10:00:22 UTC Govind Chintapalli empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 88977 i have installed ubuntu 9.10 now my audio does'nt play very loud 2009-11-07 03:06:43 UTC alsa-driver in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 88974 what does universe imply 2009-11-07 02:42:31 UTC Peter Leon Collins synaptic in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 88777 is ubuntu 9.04 conpatable with my compaq 5000 2009-11-05 22:32:23 UTC Brandon Ubuntu Answered
Solved 88639 cant open avi message 2009-11-05 02:33:50 UTC gary firefox-3.5 in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 87514 Text highlight not working 2009-10-30 16:59:50 UTC Akis firefox in Ubuntu Answered
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