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Answered 78591 বাংলাভাষা ব্যবহারকারী 2009-07-30 04:00:43 UTC nasir khan saikat Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 78062 how to enable speed and sound in custom animation 2009-07-25 03:26:29 UTC mayan in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 78039 Full screen option not working in Firefox - Facebook applications 2009-07-24 21:40:35 UTC NakiMum firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 78018 Can not download songs while downloading from 2009-07-24 15:00:04 UTC Md. Sahadat ullah firefox in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 77975 Ubuntu/Nautilus: I do not see dot prefixed files 2009-07-24 08:36:20 UTC Yakov nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 77724 permission denied 2009-07-22 05:47:08 UTC michael wunder Ubuntu Answered
Answered 77545 installing from cd 2009-07-20 12:33:06 UTC ranjith Ubuntu Answered
Solved 77306 about Ubuntu Bengali (BD) Translators Team 2009-07-17 15:30:42 UTC nasir khan saikat Ubuntu Translations Solved
Answered 96089 Pidgin 2.5.5 cannot connect to yahoo server 2009-06-19 02:15:29 UTC m42h31 pidgin in Ubuntu Answered
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