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Solved 287150 Is there a list of stable sources? 2016-02-28 17:29:58 UTC Matthias Mailänder elementary OS Solved
Answered 227968 Will Marlin and Pantheon Files merge back? 2013-05-01 19:54:37 UTC henry Marlin Answered
Answered 138244 Can you merge ~debichem-devel and ~debichem? 2010-12-18 15:13:59 UTC Matthias Mailänder Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 137514 How to backup to FTP-server? 2010-12-12 11:04:17 UTC Matthias Mailänder Back In Time Answered
Answered 132915 Is the HBCI protocol supported, or are there plans to support it? 2010-11-06 22:21:47 UTC ccapito HomeBank Answered
Solved 112203 When will be the german document released? 2010-05-25 13:11:25 UTC Torsten Franz Ubuntu Manual Solved
Answered 87648 GChemPaint: add developer, fix typo 2009-10-31 08:48:16 UTC Matthias Mailänder Launchpad itself David Stansby Answered
Solved 83063 Is it possible to package the latest GChemPaint Version for Jaunty/Karmic 2009-09-17 09:21:51 UTC Matthias Mailänder gnome-chemistry-utils in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 18669 Contribute to upstream using Launchpad Translations 2007-11-25 15:50:08 UTC Matthias Mailänder Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 2844 Please delete project "gnompe-pim" with typo in project name. 2006-12-18 15:35:11 UTC Matthias Mailänder Launchpad itself Christian Reis Solved
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