Questions for Mahesh Kale

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Solved 8160 Total n00b question needing answered. 2007-06-13 14:00:42 UTC jophassa Ubuntu Solved
Answered 7952 Firefox runs almost 90% cpu after login screen(I didn't open any firefox window, it can only be seen in system monitor) 2007-06-10 07:33:13 UTC Julianchu firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 266 root log-in to Breezy 2006-01-09 04:31:56 UTC Mitch firefox in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 153 How doe you launch newly added programs? 2005-11-24 06:02:47 UTC Bob Lee yelp in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 143 Ubuntu 5.10 questions 2005-11-21 15:54:12 UTC Tom Field hal in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 130 GNU source installer inclusion 2005-11-15 14:50:39 UTC Mahesh Kale Ubuntu Answered
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