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Answered 138840 how can get blassic in ubuntu 9.10 2010-12-23 12:09:34 UTC ev sasidharan gnome-terminal in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 138804 how install ubuntu 10.10 from software center 2010-12-23 02:00:41 UTC francisco urbano software-center in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 138788 penguin free cell does not operate properly 2010-12-22 23:13:50 UTC tom_glen ace-of-penguins in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 138739 Game dvd isn't detected 2010-12-22 15:21:32 UTC Abby Cheriyan util-linux in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 138571 how fix: E: Malformed line 46 2010-12-21 06:10:47 UTC francisco urbano software-center in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 138459 Is there a way to manually restart the cups service 2010-12-20 12:43:47 UTC zohar995 cups in Ubuntu Solved
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