Questions for Sukochev Roman (Leolik)

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Answered 147980 How use two ore more currencies of other countries? 2011-03-05 20:48:35 UTC Sukochev Roman (Leolik) HomeBank Answered
Answered 109574 Normal tray icon not displayed if indicator-applet not used 2010-05-04 00:40:28 UTC Sukochev Roman (Leolik) transmission in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 61069 black screen when connected to vm 2009-02-15 10:16:02 UTC lordharaldi Vinagre: VNC client for GNOME Answered
Answered 48479 Segmentation fault when insert card to card-reader 2008-10-19 20:41:25 UTC Leolik Ejecter Answered
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