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Answered 294665 Would you make a snap pakage for Ubuntu? 2016-05-31 15:18:28 UTC 賴家亨 Gufw Answered
Answered 280298 It can't display HEVC and VP9 codec videos' thumbnail 2015-12-30 13:10:49 UTC 賴家亨 Files Answered
Answered 269639 Would you make the command scratch-text-editor shorter? 2015-07-25 16:30:05 UTC 賴家亨 Scratch Answered
Answered 268252 Please Add the "Additional Drivers" back to the system settings. 2015-06-17 18:44:30 UTC 賴家亨 elementary OS Answered
Answered 266285 When I go back to the previous folder, it always go to the top. 2015-05-02 10:54:48 UTC 賴家亨 Files Answered
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