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Solved 168073 Where are translations hosted? 2011-08-15 19:13:00 UTC Anders Feder update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81649 How to get to the GRUB2 menu 2009-09-01 23:20:16 UTC komputes grub Solved
Solved 32516 Purchase advice: Looking for Wifi PCMCIA or USB 2008-05-09 02:44:56 UTC komputes Ubuntu Solved
Solved 32515 keep only one instance of gnome-terminal open 2008-05-09 02:36:20 UTC komputes Ubuntu Solved
Solved 44991 Hardy, reseting password before first login does not work through GDM 2008-05-05 18:06:20 UTC komputes gdm in Ubuntu Solved
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