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Answered 90222 Puppet 0.25.x in Lucid? 2009-11-15 00:18:25 UTC Cody Herriges puppet in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 90189 Shutdown problem after update to 9.1 2009-11-14 19:31:12 UTC Jairo Ubuntu Answered
Solved 90340 Alternate Karmic CD does not present the upgrade menu 2009-11-14 19:21:09 UTC Pierre Kerr debian-installer in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 90174 network-activity-monitor is gone 2009-11-14 17:32:06 UTC hadi gnome-panel in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 89818 i want complete steps for including my own system call sub routine to kernel and to access that from a program in c-language??? please help me 2009-11-12 07:13:46 UTC vasu Ubuntu Answered
Solved 89117 i would like to upgrade my ubuntu 8.04 to 9.10 do i need to unintsall my exciting ubuntu first 2009-11-07 22:38:44 UTC becki Ubuntu Solved
Answered 88789 how do I post my previous and next bottons 2009-11-05 23:56:08 UTC Harry Gillis firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 88759 Insufficient space on disk '/'(9.04) for upgrade to 9.10 2009-11-05 21:00:56 UTC Drissa Yilla Ubuntu Answered
Solved 88737 I need help getting my Canon 3000f working with Ubuntu 9 10. 2009-11-05 17:46:18 UTC teddyn2007 xsane in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 88589 automatic bug report and analysis of stacktrace 2009-11-04 20:10:37 UTC Šarūnas Valaškevičius Ubuntu Solved
Answered 86495 how to clear recent documents in open office 3.0 using ubuntu 9.04 2009-10-21 12:17:52 UTC mr.ibru in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 86322 unable to view MPEG File 2009-10-19 17:22:21 UTC sumlak63 nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 86320 how to upgrade to next version of ubuntu? 2009-10-19 17:08:23 UTC Tamjid Ubuntu Answered
Solved 82170 OpenOffice Presentation and PowerPoint Import 2009-09-07 22:20:59 UTC Richard A Bevis in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81515 Listing installed packages 2009-08-31 14:50:22 UTC ogbos Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81490 Is it possible to solve equations? 2009-08-31 09:46:40 UTC Mike Hunt in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 81441 can't login 2009-08-30 21:00:43 UTC mostafa gdm in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 67474 override default formatting 2009-04-14 20:31:23 UTC glenpeck in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 67466 audio text reader 2009-04-14 20:04:57 UTC Lori Ubuntu Solved
Solved 67304 jack-1.9.2 compiler doesn't find alsa-1.0.17 2009-04-13 10:04:28 UTC leighgable Ubuntu Solved
Solved 67289 How do I add the Ekiga item to an Ubuntu desktop panel? 2009-04-13 04:29:33 UTC Leif ekiga in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 67131 Moonlight installed but still cant view ITV Player 2009-04-11 10:48:35 UTC heatherjm45 Ubuntu Answered
Solved 67129 error with libipq.h 2009-04-11 09:38:12 UTC charlie iptables in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 66855 enable overburn in brasero 0.8.2 using ubuntu intrepid 2009-04-08 14:57:02 UTC andreportela brasero in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 66690 When will subversion 1.6.0 be available 2009-04-07 00:43:26 UTC Dennis Troon subversion in Ubuntu Solved
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