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Summary Created Submitter In Assignee Status
Solved 144566 Adding lp-l10n-eo to the group about LP translators 2011-02-08 11:05:02 UTC Michael Moroni Launchpad itself David Planella Solved
Solved 53961 Please add my trust root 2008-12-09 19:38:58 UTC Michael Lustfield Launchpad itself Christian Reis Solved
Solved 49102 legal question copyright law and launchpad 2008-10-26 16:35:23 UTC Andrew Fenn Launchpad itself Joey Stanford Solved
Answered 116426 Looms blows up badly when the tree nick does not exist in the loom. 2008-10-20 15:59:42 UTC Joey Stanford Loom Answered
Solved 46758 how to do bug dependency in bug reports? 2008-09-30 13:55:36 UTC Andriy Tymchenko Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 46748 Project group creation: sucrose 2008-09-30 11:54:43 UTC Morgan Collett Launchpad itself Christian Reis Solved
Solved 46736 Please delete project tgg 2008-09-30 09:26:51 UTC Michal Predotka Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 46732 Uploading a presentation 2008-09-30 08:55:12 UTC Vincent Verdot Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 46537 Dashboard for Launchpad users 2008-09-28 04:33:22 UTC arky Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 46502 Change author on commits 2008-09-27 18:58:11 UTC Anders G. Jørgensen Launchpad itself Tim Penhey Solved
Answered 46397 Failed to import nunit-2.5 trunk 2008-09-26 12:46:16 UTC Celso Providelo Launchpad CSCVS Michael Hudson-Doyle Answered
Solved 46398 Remove answers 2008-09-26 12:23:08 UTC Torsten Spindler Launchpad itself Tom Haddon Solved
Solved 46344 comment moderation turnaround time on Launchpad News 2008-09-25 21:13:57 UTC HughBranes Launchpad itself Joey Stanford Solved
Solved 46106 Please, make private our branch 2008-09-23 16:09:28 UTC Aldo Latino Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Solved
Answered 46027 Request ownership of PyOpenGL project 2008-09-23 01:31:16 UTC Mike C. Fletcher Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 45361 Another PPA disabled, Why ? 2008-09-16 05:14:01 UTC Oumar Aziz OUATTARA Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 44558 Please rename python2.4-matplotlib project to matplotlib 2008-09-09 00:21:30 UTC LaserJock Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Answered
Solved 44295 limited release versioning 2008-09-05 23:55:41 UTC Недко Арнаудов Launchpad itself Joey Stanford Solved
Solved 41512 Can Launchpad migrate projects from 2008-08-07 15:21:57 UTC Zearin Launchpad itself Graham Binns Solved
Solved 38935 published versions on ...ubuntu/+source/<spackagename> 2008-07-11 21:51:42 UTC StefanPotyra Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 38412 import the old version to new version in Wordpress? 2008-07-06 22:14:57 UTC Sia Neriman Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 38094 team ownership handed out to random person by accident 2008-07-03 13:39:13 UTC Pierre Vorhagen Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 33949 Merging launchpad id's 2008-05-22 17:24:56 UTC John Crawford Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 29232 Please add existing milestones to new series 2008-04-08 14:07:08 UTC Andreas Hasenack Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 18186 Please merge ~kubuntu-devel in with ~kubuntu-members 2007-11-19 04:08:20 UTC Sarah Kowalik Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 17614 How to play MS Media Encoder Stream 2007-11-12 02:31:53 UTC Joey Stanford totem in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 16038 fixing 2007-10-24 14:10:31 UTC Jonathan Davies Launchpad itself James Troup Solved
Solved 13574 Non-free binary chunks in PPA 2007-09-17 22:19:42 UTC Steven Harper Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 10139 issues trying to upgrade to gutsy 2007-07-21 20:02:17 UTC cardinals_fan Ubuntu Solved
Solved 9146 Problem using ssh locally - slow to respond 2007-07-03 15:12:07 UTC Jim Hutchinson Ubuntu Solved
Solved 7093 How do I see the status of a ticket inside the ticket? 2007-05-23 20:18:00 UTC Joey Stanford Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 5884 Privacy Policy 2007-04-30 13:08:39 UTC Hagy Hag Launchpad itself Joey Stanford Answered
Answered 4169 My Kodak Z740 is not working 2007-03-12 23:15:29 UTC Reddan1988 Ubuntu Answered
Solved 3406 Broke the CodeOfConduct 2007-01-30 14:31:03 UTC Rolando Blanco Launchpad itself Solved
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