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Solved 688458 The mismatach of the sample after using export.text() 2020-02-03 03:58:49 UTC 2020-02-03 jasperb Yade Solved
Solved 688388 On the interaction range of the JCFPm 2020-01-31 16:19:54 UTC 2020-01-31 jasperb Yade Solved
Solved 688116 Is it possible to make bonded particles share the same velocity when using JCFpm? 2020-01-20 05:22:51 UTC 2020-01-20 jasperb Yade Solved
Answered 687872 How to record a contact pair's contact information 2020-01-09 03:28:34 UTC 2020-01-09 jasperb Yade Answered
Answered 687404 Simulation of a breakable clump of spheres mimicing the rock impct against a soil buffering 2019-12-21 04:45:04 UTC 2019-12-21 jasperb Yade Answered
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