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Solved 135573 Cardapio does not respond to assigned shortcut key 2010-11-26 12:22:52 UTC Richard Crawley Cardapio Solved
Solved 130781 Project and group deletion request 2010-10-22 21:14:55 UTC Jan Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 130130 Faster application/file launching 2010-10-18 21:15:02 UTC Marceau Cardapio Answered
Solved 127829 Is Mustard translatable? 2010-10-03 20:36:38 UTC Jan Mustard Solved
Solved 127160 Grid icons 2010-09-28 11:33:41 UTC vasili Cardapio Solved
Answered 126184 Using wildcards for multirename 2010-09-20 19:55:28 UTC ksian nautilus-renamer Answered
Solved 123191 Default view is Pinned Items 2010-08-29 03:27:44 UTC LS d^_^b Cardapio Solved
Solved 123187 Why does the file search plugin require Tracker 0.9+? 2010-08-29 01:59:50 UTC Jan Cardapio Solved
Solved 122881 How do I sort pinned items? 2010-08-26 19:13:05 UTC Rafael Robayna Cardapio Solved
Solved 121759 Use super key as hotkey 2010-08-18 21:33:47 UTC foxnbk Cardapio Solved
Answered 120639 Are there any plans to show mouse clicks? 2010-08-10 17:30:31 UTC Steffen Goetz Screenkey Answered
Solved 119866 Is it not possible to install program in ubuntu? I do just trying to install a photo software from the list but no way. 2010-08-03 16:30:58 UTC Odd K. Hauge software-center in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 118661 Custom Hotkey Format 2010-07-23 00:51:17 UTC clicker4721 Cardapio Answered
Answered 116884 System menu and session buttons 2010-07-07 03:37:57 UTC vaal Cardapio Answered
Solved 116814 Change icon size 2010-07-06 13:18:16 UTC splashis Cardapio Solved
Solved 116613 changing the icon of a dockbar launcher 2010-07-04 16:50:35 UTC Copernicvs DockbarX Solved
Solved 116594 Option to remove "Help & Support" and the "Software Center" from Cardaio 2010-07-04 12:37:43 UTC splashis Cardapio Solved
Solved 116537 Installation from bzr trunk 2010-07-03 15:53:18 UTC Jan Cover Thumbnailer Solved
Answered 115875 Ich möchte die DVD löschen.Bitte helfen Sie mir dies zu tun. 2010-06-26 19:03:14 UTC SVETOSLAV KOSTOV nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 115396 Cardápio or Cardapio? 2010-06-22 07:32:50 UTC Jan Cardapio Solved
Answered 115120 System Menus? 2010-06-19 14:49:06 UTC Otus Cardapio Answered
Answered 114916 Soportará cardapio themes en un futuro? 2010-06-17 16:28:17 UTC tutingo Cardapio Answered
Solved 114814 Blank little square besides the account name 2010-06-16 12:10:11 UTC Jordi Margalef The Me Menu Solved
Answered 114599 removing items from indicator applet 2010-06-14 17:59:54 UTC lucas mendes marques gonçalves Indicator Applet Answered
Answered 114462 Is there any plugin documentation 2010-06-13 15:49:16 UTC airtonix Cardapio Answered
Answered 114184 Battery level does not show anymore when the mouse goes on the icon. 2010-06-10 15:47:37 UTC Mickaël Péchaud Indicator Applet Answered
Solved 114134 Make manualy resizing easier 2010-06-10 07:36:14 UTC zniavre Cardapio Solved
Solved 114041 lost all (2) panels 2010-06-09 10:19:08 UTC Tejas Dhanorkar openbox in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 113623 How do I pin an item to the menu? 2010-06-06 05:52:15 UTC joebodo Cardapio Answered
Answered 113437 How do you remove the time from the indicator applet? 2010-06-04 07:51:42 UTC Yargy Indicator Applet Answered
Answered 113382 How do I help translate Cardapio? 2010-06-03 17:12:34 UTC Adam Maćkowiak Cardapio Answered
Answered 113270 Creating ISO images from hard drive 2010-06-02 20:51:42 UTC shailendra carpenter Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113192 CANNOT DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS THROUH www.savevid.com 2010-06-02 03:30:43 UTC binoy Mozilla Firefox Answered
Solved 113151 Hide online status icon... 2010-06-01 20:20:16 UTC Lars Dam Indicator Applet Solved
Solved 112808 qutIM integration in indicator-applet? 2010-05-30 09:24:26 UTC Oleg Sevostyanov qutim Solved
Answered 112807 Too small subtitles with movie player 2010-05-30 08:58:59 UTC Damian totem in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112545 Indicator for Thunderbird? 2010-05-28 02:39:44 UTC Ethan Mateja mozilla-thunderbird in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 112222 menubar missing on desktop, can't launch programs 2010-05-25 15:04:23 UTC LizaSisson gnome-panel in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 111888 I cannot remove my iomega eGo external hard drive 2010-05-22 02:14:02 UTC mike perkins nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 111708 Is there any control or Indicator Applet to close thrown notifikations? 2010-05-20 12:02:16 UTC anwiba Notify OSD Answered
Solved 111266 How can I suppress notifications for a while? 2010-05-16 21:35:51 UTC Philipp Wendler Notify OSD Solved
Solved 110932 How can i view items saved in windows, on ubuntu? 2010-05-13 21:34:27 UTC 007janski@live.com nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 110745 Custom Install Directory 2010-05-12 16:21:59 UTC Kasuko UNetbootin Solved
Solved 110599 Gmail support 2010-05-11 14:06:10 UTC Laurent Raufaste Indicator Applet Solved
Solved 110560 Indicator panel locked 2010-05-11 07:20:32 UTC Martin Baumann Indicator Applet Solved
Answered 110164 installing product 2010-05-08 11:53:36 UTC Tiffany Bodie Ubuntu Answered
Solved 110148 Can't get the indicator-sound icon back in the notification area on the panel 2010-05-08 07:02:05 UTC Scorpio indicator-applet in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 109952 nautilus server connection permanent 2010-05-06 19:29:13 UTC WilhelmGGW nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 109913 Problem to stop the pc 2010-05-06 13:16:44 UTC Jhkh Udfi Ubuntu Solved
Answered 109756 Command line options to change gedit preferences 2010-05-05 14:09:17 UTC Marco Lackovic gedit Answered
Solved 109740 How to remove spaces between icons in indicator area? 2010-05-05 12:32:27 UTC sinnus Indicator Applet Solved
Answered 109414 How to using single applet 2010-05-03 13:42:12 UTC DoHwan Kim The Sound Menu Answered
Answered 109321 Totem will not play dvd movies 2010-05-02 23:31:31 UTC edprocoat totem in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 109085 increase size boot partition 2010-05-01 17:03:21 UTC Bill Walter gparted in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 109083 Deactivate CD drive temporarily to leave CD in 2010-05-01 16:57:28 UTC Jan Ubuntu Solved
Solved 109005 Fonts in tool/task bar too small too read 2010-05-01 08:25:02 UTC George Stephenson Mozilla Firefox Solved
Solved 108965 How do I add Evolution back in? 2010-05-01 01:03:08 UTC Derek Russell-Kraft Indicator Applet Solved
Solved 108928 How to rotate the indicator applet on a left sided panel? 2010-04-30 19:57:45 UTC johanbondt Indicator Applet Solved
Solved 108921 Show file transfer speed in nautilus 2010-04-30 19:36:07 UTC Dominik Holler nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 108747 Is there a setting to grey out the icon of every window but the active one, not only the minimized? 2010-04-29 15:12:57 UTC Jan DockbarX Solved
Solved 108636 Disable the mail and instant message status icons without removing Sound and Logoff icons" for indicator-applet in ubuntu 2010-04-28 11:21:08 UTC Leo indicator-applet in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 108484 Error when trying open Gajim window 2010-04-26 18:22:27 UTC ydaff Indicator Applet Solved
Solved 108357 Disk space 2010-04-25 12:21:00 UTC rapper nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 108320 Is there a single instance mode? 2010-04-24 21:00:33 UTC Jan nautilus in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 108261 Installation Failure of Turbocad 10 Professional 2010-04-24 05:16:45 UTC rapper nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 107926 OCR 2010-04-20 14:40:38 UTC Toxa Simple Scan Answered
Answered 107007 Notify-OSD and touchpad. 2010-04-10 15:06:15 UTC hadzhimurad Notify OSD Answered
Answered 104412 How to change application list back to groups display 2010-03-15 09:45:08 UTC LCID Fire gnome-shell in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 103911 remove Chat stuff from applet 2010-03-10 19:39:36 UTC Sysadmin Indicator Applet Answered
Answered 100758 AMD64 Lucid Lynx alpha 2: Places ---> Computer fails to load correctly 2010-02-11 21:38:58 UTC piratemurray nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 94573 Nautilus open big folders very slow with left double click 2009-12-19 11:21:13 UTC Steve 91 nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 91891 Can I use Indicator Applet with Thunderbird? 2009-11-27 00:12:07 UTC Gergely Máté Indicator Applet Solved
Answered 89959 How to change 60 sec. to 30 sec. or 5 sec. delay notification on shutdown? 2009-11-12 23:08:44 UTC booch Indicator Applet Answered
Answered 78768 nautilus must show a warning when open multiple files (on solaris it shows a warning) 2009-07-31 01:16:04 UTC X One Hundred Papercuts Answered
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